Thursday, September 30, 2010


Out of the Blue is the continuing tale of *Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Silver Butterfly began as a vision, moonlight reflecting on a wall assuming a winged shape.  The unfolding butterfly opened many surprise packages!  First, I was instructed to "paint my dreams."  Next was the practice and then teaching of Tai Chi, a blend of physical meditation and medication.  Then, through a friend and mentor, I became aware of Angels in various physical and non physical forms, teachers here on Earth and beyond. 

Silver Butterfly and Out of the Blue are both written and lived with spontaneous joy, wonder, and love.  Painted with images and words, Out of the Blue is an inside peak into how an artist creates.  Sparking your own self transformation, intuition, and spiritual creativity, read or scan this blog and "find" what you need as needed.  Enjoy your sacred journey!  
Love, Dahlis

Disclaimer:  Some people included in this blog chose names other than their own or wished to remain anonymous.  Sequence of events may be changed.

The author, publisher, or anyone involved with the production and distribution of this material will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injuries or illnesses, emotional or physical, that may occur through reading or following instructions described herein.  The practices in this book complement, not replace, qualified professional medical advice.  Please consult a physician before taking Tai Chi or any other exercise class.  

Copyright, text and illustrations  2010  by Dahlis Roy