Thursday, October 1, 2015


* Angel Totem

The tale of the traveling feather  began years ago.  Way Back When on the day Louise Watson, R.N. crossed over.  There were only two students in Tai Chi class that day. Then, after class, a small white downy feather, soft as angora, floated down from the ceiling?  It descended gently but swayed to and fro, back and forth a bit, rather than straight down.  We three watched it, transfixed.  I let the small feather settle gently fitting into the palm of my hand.  

"It's Louise!  She's Here!"

Next the feather was shared by me and Dolores, a friend and Tai Chi student.  Neither Dolores or I have the feather. "She's in good hands," commented Dolores.

Recently the feather traveled to another friend, Judy J.  After telling Judy the feather story, it appeared at her work, on the floor!  She picked it up the small white feather and wears it in her work badge.

A bit over a week ago, Linda, after cleaning her living room, spotted something small and white.  She went over and noticed a feather on the floor! She picked it up.  Linda knew the feather tale and felt Angel Louise is near!  How can this happen?

This is the continuing Tale of the Traveling Feather....

Where will the feather/feathers appear next?

Key Word "Angel"

* Angel Totem Image
A friend and I studied my St. Michael The Archangel abstract painting, noticing many images and faces inside the clouds and light.  I photographed close up sections of the painting.  None of them turned out but this one.  There appears to be an angel with one blue wing (as you view on your left) and one green wing (right view).  Looking closer there may be an angel with white filmy wings pointing more downward rather than spread wide as in the colored wings.  The head of the Angel, besides human, also shows owl and wolf cub.  One time I saw a person practicing Tai Chi and another time Yoga in the shadows and light.  Fun with Imagination~

What do you see and feel?

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Louise Watson, R. N. is a proud spokesperson for nurses in all fields.  Recently nurses began speaking out more freely about their work, care, and expertise.  Louise, no longr on Earth fully admits, "I am an Angel come to Earth over many lifetimes.  I am a networking and Information specialist.  I brings groups of people and animals together."

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Art Work
Angel Totem, oil painting of close up from St. Michael the Archangel oil painting by Dahlis

Snowy Egret, watercolor on paper by Robert Liverman, Ph.D, art student