Thursday, October 29, 2015


"The phone is out of order," I grumbled as I picked up a handful of static on the line.

What is "order?" I pondered.  In school, you arranged blocks of same colors, shapes, and sizes together.  In school (chuckle) I colored easily inside the lines with delicacy and grace.  I smiled out loud as the teacher held up my cat coloring as an example for the class.

In school, we put our desk contents "in order" and put the toys away neatly after using them.

My desk was never "in order!"

 At home, my toy horses and dogs were never "put away..."

What is order?  Sort-Fold-Rinse, zero of three tasks have been completed....I cringe with SORT, Whoa....when I "sort and organize" almost everything "important" vanishes without a trace.  The "fold and rinse" areas are much easier.  

Labeling boxes and freezer contents is easy for me. 
"Mom, your much more analytical than you think...."

Paint, art supplies, and online picture files are "easy" visuals and materials at my fingertips.  

Painting and Writing is "easy." 

Knitting is "easy," rhythmic clicking of the needles is a meditative art sound.

Making cups of tea is "not easy."

Sewing anything is "not easy." 

Someone else will stitch the quilt together.

Sketching a Sancat in 3-D is easy and fun, based on light reflections bouncing from our glass patio door at night.  Seeing multi-dimensions and feeling visible and invisible always fill me with wonder and joy.

*  "Improvise what is coming through your consciousness," Steve Martin

**  "Friends will watch her [our] windmill turn," Debra Basham

***  "I have climbed highest mountain, I have run through the fields...."

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*  Steve Martin is a musician, comedian, and actor.  Quote from Charlie Rose interview, Oct 29, 2015

** Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, author, spiritual teacher, quote from Musings from an Estate Sale, Oct 24, 2015 Debra's blog post on Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health.  A lovely tale of Debra's mother-in-law's possessions traveling forward to help others and enrich lives with love.

*** Songs of the Day:  U2, lyrics from I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, and With or Without You, album, The Joshua Tree,

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Images by Dahlis
In Order, photo
Quilt, blue patchwork, photo
Pencil Sketch, Sancat, our Zen Master