Friday, October 23, 2015


Heart Pounding, I Wake Up~  

What Was That?

I pieced together a crayon sketch of the dream.  The dream was like viewing a stained glass window.

"I" somehow got drawn into the window?  

The darker disturbing dream sequences are new for me.  Why?  

The picture of the figure stayed with me, in a haunting way. 

One day a friend stated:
 *  "I really don't like the picture in that blog post."

"I don't like it either."

When she went home, I retrieved the picture from it hiding place  "underneath" a pile of sketches and notes.

I ripped up the dark picture in little bits and pieces!  I felt better, clearer~lighter

Next I gathered the bits of colored slashes onto a plain white piece of paper.  This will make it easy to recycle the shreds without dropping the pieces here and there on the floor.

Then, I noticed as I picked up the white paper and scraps, the shapes looked interesting, 
like an abstract design.   

Well!  I set the white paper down and played with the pieces of colors and lines, removing most of the black but not all.  I kept a little bit of the dark for accent, just like my high school art teacher taught me.  

The shapes arranged themselves, free of conscious thought of my own.  I love it!  I taped the newly arranged bits onto the white paper.


Stepping back~I felt a warm and positive "house" for me, a sacred space.  The spontaneous design of "tear and tape" technique opened a new window into myself.  I felt dimensions of space and time.  I basked in the brightness of images and colors.  I felt motion in stillness.

What Next?

** "Approach Today Gently...." 

Slowly I began to re-write (re-paint) my past to be more positive.  I picked up a card, it read "Clear Your Space."  I chuckled

After starting to clear and move forward, (again) I am now authentically happy for the upbeat visual movie fantasy dreams that are arriving.  I feel connected in a quiet way to these wonderful scenes and flashes of color and light.  

I am happy my night dreams and my waking reality are turning and returning into light shows.

"Today" I am coloring more, I am finding more humor (who me) in life!

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