Thursday, October 8, 2015


"Pour Yourself a Cup of Colors."

A long time ago, I had a colorful dream.  I was sitting at a sunny table dressed in white, a dress similar to the late 1920's style, in white pique, with some islet. I wore white shoes.  My dark hair was cropped shortish and somewhat straight yet shaped and bouncy.  I looked like "me."  I was smiling.  I was alone in the cafe.  I liked that. There was a white-gold wooden lattice behind me.  Reflected sunlight bounced through the lattice work.  There was a hint of young ivy growing in and through the lattice.  

I looked like a painting.  I sat on a white painted cafe chair and at a round glass topped small table.  The glass was thick and reflected textured colors around me as sunlight  brushed through it.  On the table top was a blue and white teacup as pictured above.

The whole painting was filled with light!  The style and mood of the painting was Art Deco

Dreaming Out Loud~ 

Who was I waiting for?

Presently an Angel appeared, she was filmy and dressed in flowing white.  I immediately recognized my guardian angel, Sharon.  Sharon floated toward me rather than walked.

Definitely Dreaming~ 
*  Sharon was carrying a blue and white teapot, filled with steaming tea.

She poured me a cup of tea.  The tea pouring into the blue and white cup flowed as a liquid prism of the rainbow~

"Pour Yourself A Cup of Colors," Sharon whispered.

A Painted Dream~

Who was painting the picture? 

Years later I took the photo of the cup reflecting a rainbow.

Yesterday, I pulled out some written words from the distant past.  Happily today, these  become part of Out of the Blue:





A painted Vision~
**  "Light is spiritual energy which surrounds the soul," Deepak Chopra

Key Word: Angel

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Quote is from Miraculous Relationships, a past 21 Day Meditation Experience, segment is Miraculous Illumination.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Cup of Colors, Photo by Dahlis