Thursday, November 5, 2015


In this moment, glow within....

The Morning of the Pink Sun
Rob and I saw the sun rise that May morning, a veil of pink mist in the haze.  A pink Sun?  I entered my art room to view the whole room lit with vibrant pink light!  My heart leaped with joy.

I immediately thought of Claude Monet and his painting Impression Sunrise (1872).  In the painting, mists rise from the water, atmospheric ripples, brush strokes with abandon yet carefully placed, suggestions of boats and reflections emerge.  The eye leaps up!  A bright misted sun disk rises throwing vibrant orange slashed brush strokes, sharp as daggers, into the quiet blueness of water 

Today, as I write, I grab a couple of handy books within reach and open to see a Monet painting I have no memory of noticing before.  Sunrise at Lavacourt (1880).  * "This picture forms a sequel to the famous Impression Sunrise."  This painting is mostly red orange sky and water with purple violet  blend accents of feathery trees, misty horizon and, again, small boats veiled in humidity, almost invisible.   

Monet is a great example for us all  We see a clear view of his paintings from a distance yet details fade when viewed close up.  Sometimes stepping back, brings our own life picture into focus.  Monet paints surface water ripples and veiled depths of the spirit all at once.  "Look again, what do you see?  Feel?"  Monet teases our perceptions of reality.  Shifting lights float over paintings as the (real) sun rises and sets Colors, light, and shimmering effects evolve and dance with unpainted inner light creating feelings of joy and wonder.

A recent autumn morning was eye stunning bright with colored leaves of all hues painted in the foreground with a backdrop of the rising morning sun in full spectrum light.  Tiny bits of clouds fanned out in their full potential brightness with oranges, golds, yellows, violets, and purples.  The clouds appeared transparent as they glowed within.  Monet is a work and play.

"That's Cloud Monet!"   

 Painted Clouds in Afternoon

I am having a journey painting lace onto canvas.  I certainly can relate to the Impressionist Painters here.  How can painted lace be delicate yet enable the viewer to feel solidity and strength, even touch stitch texture when they view the painting?  Lace is certainly a mind game of "learning and experiencing something new everyday...."  It is like painting a spiderweb of color and light.

**  "I choose to open my heart to myself, expanding until my being fades into the infinite," Deepak Chopra 

Key Words:  Creativity, Painting, Claude Monet, Impressionist Painting
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Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Pink Sun, photo with permission of Judy J. 

Art Work and Play by Dahlis
Afternoon Clouds, oil on canvas, mimicing Monet's techniques is fun
Painted Lace and Green Plant, oil on canvas