Saturday, November 21, 2015


One Picture

 A couple of days ago, the words "One Picture" came into my imagination.  The thought unwound, "If you could post just one picture at Thanksgiving Season, what would it be?"

Thousands of pictures flashed and shouted "choose me", but I quickly settled on the one I call Angel on the Mountain.  The mental image was crystal clear.  Then, I hunted the picture down.  The hunting took longer than I had planned.  I have several hunting areas for waiting pictures!  We all have thousands of picture memories in our storage banks, admit it!

As you gaze at the picture, defocus your eyes and toward the middle left we see Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, veiled in clouds.  I shot several scenes, but only one stood out as I pictured a feathery white angel form raising her arms in Praise and Thanksgiving.  She looks like she is practicing Yoga or Qigong, meditative exercises.  My heart leaped up!

Today, as I gaze again at the chosen photo, I see Angel Sharon (I know it's You), holding up some mist in her arms.  Look above her outstretched arms and notice a white dove of peace taking off.  See the beak and folded wings as the bird launches.  This is a new expanded evolving image I see today for the first time! 

 I think back to the Paris attacks on Friday 13.  I feel turbulent emotions.  I send and intend, "May All Beings Be At Peace."

"When I see you again it will be for the first time."

Post One Positive Picture at Thanksgiving, any subject, any memory.  Use your favorite social media/medias or share with friends and family with a physical printout if they want one (smiles).  What picture will you choose?

Key Words: Long's Peak, Angel and Thanksgiving

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