Thursday, November 12, 2015


The tale of the traveling feather continues....

During a pleasant laugh filled lunch, my friend, Joyce expounded:

"My sister and I were remembering Mom.   We asked for a sign."

"Feathers are a sign of Angels, let's ask for feathers!"

"We went out to lunch and returned later. As we entered my sister's house, there was a little hallway.  The light was subtle.  We noticed right away a small white downy feather lying on the dark wood floor!"

I got out note paper and scribbled a feather plus jumbled notes around the sides.

"What did the feather look like?"

"It was the size that easily fit into the palm of your hand.  It was pure white and downy, very soft.  It was not a pinion feather.  There were no feather pillows in the house.  Where did it come from?  We took it as a sign from Mom."

Later, the feather had vanished. 

Now a total of seven people have seen, held or even kept the small white feather.

My friend Dolores wonders,  "Where will she go from here?

* Recently I saw a video of a white peacock dancing.  As I viewed the short Shamanic ceremony, I was filled with seeing the joy of a fan of white feathers in graceful motion.  The feathers remind me of delicate hand made lace patterns of yesterday and today. 

Later I noticed the above feather sketch looked like a white tree, open wings, or a peacock dancing when turned in a different direction.


"Let your Life be a blueprint without boundaries," Louise Watson. R.N.

Snowy Egret

Key Words:  Angel, Feather, Crane

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