Friday, December 4, 2015


The Magic Tale of Colby Jack

This time last year I was painting two black Cocker Spaniels, Carbon and Livi, belonging to my friend, Judy J.  This spring Judy acquired a tiny furry kitten clothed in caramel and white angora soft long hair.

"I  want you to paint my kitten, Colby Jack!"

"Oh Yes~"

Before I started painting Colby, Judy told me, "I am sure that with each brush stroke you take, the love will flow."

Sharon reminds, "Learning about love is the highest form of art" 

I smiled remembering painting Phoebe, a gentle white cat with long hair, similar in appearance and temperament to a breed called the *Norwegian Forest Cat.  I flashed in cat portraits through the years, the most unusual ones were a group of four, all in one painting.  Each face unique, bonded in friendship.

I went to see Colby at eleven weeks of age. what a sweet boy!  I could tell he had a cat agenda in mind, already taking over the dogs' beds~

Then I recalled that cats are elusive and may be more of a challenge to capture on canvas than dogs.  Colby didn't pose photographically for this portrait, I spiced him together based on Judy's descriptions, at least seven photographs, numerous sketches, and memory rewind.

What surprises, adventures, and mischief will Colby have in store?  Judy and I agreed, Colby should be painted with a green plant and a lace doily draped on the chair.  Colby had chosen the backdrop of lace himself then fell asleep.  How am I going to paint lace?

Color of background for Colby?  Not at all what I had "pictured" as a blue-grey-green more like the original color of the chair.  The blue, painted vibrant and bold, had a mind of its ownLet it go (grow).

"I was praying that you and the Angels would together choose the background color," Judy told me later.

On afternoon passing by, I glanced up at Colby, half finished, resting on the mantel with an autumn scene painting behind him. Lo and behold, three orbs of golden light reflected above Colby.  I grabbed my camera and shot the scene.  The orbs come in as sunlight spots at various times in shifting light of ever changing seasons.  I remembered the "Big Three Angel Team" Sharon, Joanna, and Michelle help with numerous creative projects.  
Big Smile~

A couple of days later, I became aware of an Angel Presence painting with me that I had not felt before.  Her name is Louise and she makes herself known in a variety of ways.  This is the first time Louise has ever assisted/coached in a painting!  I looked up at Colby and saw a rainbow orb near the upper left top edge.  

Louise is Here!  The rainbow is Louise's Symbol.

As I gazed at the shape, it looked like a heart shape extending into the autumn leaf painting placed behind Colby.  When viewing, the heart shape appeared to be ringed with a very fine white line of light.  When photographed, the rainbow vanished and a blue light emerged on Colby's painting.  Blue is the color of communication, visible and invisible.

Another day, while painting, the brush fell out of my hands and rolled across the bottom left side of the blue painted background.

Judy remarked, "The half circle rounded 'eye' shapes with small marks below each one seem to be like an ancient script.  That's Louise's Signature!"

While writing this story, I just noticed that the shapes can also be "seen" as cranes flying!

How did photographed fountains of light appear on dark blue background paint with no flash used?  It looks 3-D?


Gazing at Colby, I came to realize the globe of lace can be like an aura of light forms.  The dark blue shadows at either side, can be wing like projections of light such as seen in Buddhist figures painted in the Silk Road Caves in China.  These meditative paintings show auras of various colors and the seated figures meditating are also encompassed by the "wings" forming a circular figure of spiritual energy.  These caves also feature "Angels" in motion practicing *Tai Chi forms including single whip!

Whiskers on Kittens
"Now" Judy and I agreed that Colby was almost completed except for his whiskers.  For the task, took my fine haired brush, containing about ten pointed hairs.  "I have one time to get it right."  Carefully and joyfully I added the eyebrows and muzzle whiskers pointing forward in kitten anticipation.  "Always put whiskers on last," I heard an art teacher whispering.  

That's Colby Jack!  Best Yet, painting was effortless and comfortable~free of agenda or outcome.

Presenting Judy J's photo of Colby is a young teenager shown here at 5 months of age.  His soft coat markings are much richer in color now, a red-gold.  His tail is fluffy and has lost the defined ring tail look when I first saw him. His fine featured face is softly chiseled in a triangular shape.  Colby is relaxed and confident.

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words 

Living Magic!

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Completed Colby
with Three Orbs, 
with Heart Shaped light, 
with Signature Script/Cranes

Photo by Judy J.
Young Colby Jack, "My, how you have grown!"