Tuesday, December 29, 2015


"Purple Butterfly Image"
Amethyst and Quartz Crystals

The crystal project joins the book project, the music project, the knitting projects, the clothing project, and the photograph project in a parade (deluge) of organization.  The goal is to streamline placement of items to help make an artist's life, or anyone's life, easier with more efficient  storage and retrieval of "items" needed for creative (or any and all) projects.

 Is this possible?  

Can I stay motivated?

Can it be fun?

Recently I bought Organizing Magic, a small pocket book at a used book sale.  It looked positive, simple, and even easy and humorous.  I need "easy and humorous!"

I already knew to group similar related items all in one location, however, I have never done it.  I am all over the map in "locations."  For example, printed film photos can and are in every area~ 


I know that book, I know where it is, I know what page or area the sentence or subject is located.  And I go and retrieve the book "now!"  What's not to love?

Well, I started slowly collecting items in one place, intending that these will be replaced in new and planned areas.  Sorting and discarding unneeded items, that is the tough part.  I will donate as much as possible.  I'll take it slow.  True to form, I sorted many categories at once,  yarn, knitting needles, and patterns, all in one place, a biggie task.  Then  I added photos, books, and clothes in their places (whew):  work and play in  progress.

I am taking plenty of time, small spontaneous bits at a time. "Hours" of concentrating is information overload.  Is it "good enough?"  If it works for you, it's Good Enough!

Crystal Clear

Then! I saw the crystals, rocks, shells, beach glass, and fossils of all kinds hiding out downstairs!  Gem and mineral shows from years past, museum visits with my parents danced in my imagination.  I'll bring these treasures upstairs so we can all see them and enjoy them better!  I spritzed the collection with water from a spray bottle, shiny and clean!  I love items from nature, I love my petrified wood, and all I view.  I love parents, family, and friends who have given me these beautiful gifts, gifts of love.

Information and item storage and retrieval is already getting easier!

My Stuff My Way~

Rainbow Bright
It doesn't get any better than this~

Clear the Year and Move Forward!  Happy Newest Year, 2016!

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