Wednesday, September 23, 2015


* In the Pink!  

Blue, you are are 5 years old this year old born Sept 26, 2010~Happy Birthday!

Silver you are a vision from Sept 23, 1985~

In the Autumn of the Year, You both came into my life, awakening:




And then helped me to share it with others.

Intuition to Fruition: 
Thank You Everyone for Inspiration, Thank You Friends, Family and Readers, center stage and behind the scenes, thank you Visible and Invisible Dimensions of ourselves. Thank you Angels, on Earth and Beyond, for guidance, inspiration and protection.

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#5 Sirius Blue

There are Pink Butterflies yet unpainted~"coming soon"

"Visionary Artist"

 Being is Believing~

* Pink Butterfly, cards by Linda

Paintings by Dahlis
Out of The Blue, oil on canvas
Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, oil on canvas

Free illustrated PDF format E book, Silver Butterfly, by Dahlis, the back story of Out of the Blue.