Sunday, October 2, 2011



"The border between the known and unknown is the most beautiful place to explore," Brian Cox, particle physicist.

Silver Butterfly

What is Create A Vision? 

"I have no idea how this will work out, but I will use one of your descriptions and invent a painting!"

"I asked God to guide my hands while I painted flowers for my daughter."

"When I read your stories, for the first time, I saw pictures instead of words."

"You are responsible for your own healing, it's you that's healing you."

"I felt I was sleepwalking, but I am suddenly learning to fly with my own wings."

"I carry you in my heart."

"Nurture another person to be what they want to be."

"Notice how many more people say, 'I Love You' these days AND mean it!"


*The Dream Create A Vision

I charted my dreams in notebooks and scraps of paper.  I painted wildly and with inspiration.  Many new subjects in brighter colors opened up to me.  I had a vivid dreams in living color.  One dream was a night scene.  The image was a replay of a painting by Edward Hopper called Nighthawks.  His original painting showed a couple having a late night cup of coffee.  A solitary man hunched over his drink in a corner while the waiter leaned over to talk to the couple.  Hopper, an American painter, used a hard-edged style.  The colors were stark, almost neon bright yet dark in surreal greens, golds, and russets.

In my dream, Nell was in a shop painting signs.  The colors and bold slashed images of the store front were the same as in Hopper's painting!  Nell was alone, her head bent down over a painting project, her long dark hair brushing forward, framing her face. 

There was a bold neon sign above the outside door of the shop.  The colors were fifty's style neon tubing, a multicolor ribbon of magenta, gold, green, and blue.  The message danced:

C R E A T  -  V I S N !

"What's That?"

I woke with a start and jotted down "creata-visn" on a bedside note pad. 

"Oh, I get it!  Create A Vision!"

The stark bold image and words stuck.  What could it mean?

Create A Vision became a motto, a concept for expanding energy flow and outreach.  Thoughts and feeling interwoven with trust, intuition, and synchronicity appeared with clarity.  Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, a book was born.  I had a title.  Now to write and "organize," the artist's toughest task. 

Tai Chi adventure entered my life about the same time.  My son, Rob, took me to Tai Chi class.  My health improved by leaps and bounds.  Tai Chi practice and later teaching enabled my left brain to open enough to tackle the huge writing project assignment and complete it.

Creata-Visn Comes to Life!

"Butterflies are Angel Messengers.  I picture multicolored butterflies encircling me and helping me to heal areas of concern,"  Mildred.

Receive Inspiration and begin to create your vision....

Brian Cox, Ph.D, Particle Physicist, University of Manchester, UK, CERN project.  Wonders of the Universe and Wonders of the Solar System, Science Channel and hard copy books.

* Reprinted from Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision by Dahlis Roy. inquire original paintings and prints, request Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, free PDF E book, text and illustrations.  Paul Lam, M.D., a family practice physician from Sydney, Australia, develops Tai Chi for Health programs with medical professionals and Tai Chi experts.  Get started with introductory DVDs, articles, free newsletter and more.