Thursday, October 6, 2011


My son Rob and I headed for a nearby beach one October Sunday afternoon.  The air was bright with sun and blue October haze.  The scent of the apple cider golden leaves filled colored spaces.  Orange and scarlet sprinkled with gold greeted us as we drove down the country highway under canopies of green and azure.

There were a few scattered families enjoying the rare Autumn treat of hot weather, 80 degrees!  Rob and I quickly shed our light jackets and tied them around our waists.  I donned my sunglasses and faded Army hat and sank gleefully into the deep white sands. We descended the weathered wooden steps to the beach, ripened by sun and footsteps.  

As I sank into the drifting sands of time, I felt like a child testing the waters of a giant swimming pool.  Looking about, Rob and I noticed snow fences were already in place bracing for winter storms to come.  Warm wind hit our faces as we felt our ankles get a workout walking into the sandstorm's pliable surface.  Swirls of sand blew and tumbled around us.  An ebony dog barked joyfully as his owner tossed a stick into the water for him to retrieve.

I glanced out at this water!  It was neon bright turquoise!  A color not usually visible on physical Earth.  The waves sparked and glowed like a blue fire of brightness frosted with the icing of white caps.  We saw sailboats with brightly colored furls unfolded like painted peacocks.

I thought about cranes and clouds.  I noted to Rob that one of my friends had watched a Sandhill crane, a huge iron gray bird with a seven foot wingspan.  The crane swooped over the water and sand and caught a fish in mid flight!

Recently, Beth, a Holistic Practitioner, presented me with a Blue Heron feather, a prehistoric memory in blue-gray perfection.  "Become Like A Human Feather," I told Tai Chi students years ago.... 

Passing the beach grass and dunes, I glanced to the South, where I had learned Tai Chi practice and teaching.  I thought about Tai Chi and how my life is enhanced by practicing.  Rob taught me basics, and then took me to his Tai Chi class to learn and grow.  I remembered Rob said, "Tai Chi enters the entire arena of your life."  I faced the liquid lake to the West and began to practice a little Tai Chi Yang Long Form.  Moving in Tai Chi, as the white crane spreads its wings, I turned from the West slowly to the South.  I felt exhilarated and quite alive and thought about Tai Chi friends waiting there. 

Then Rob and I walked through the sands and felt the hot sun beating down on us.  We remembered summers past.  We U-turned and silently headed back to the car, our great escape chariot was turning back into a pumpkin.  Again, I gazed out at the water so alive and so bright in hue I will need celestial paints to capture it.  Sand squished in our shoes.  I looked down at our shadows streaking out ahead of us, long and lean like two twigs cut from the same branch, twins in thought and vision.  Recalling the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, I smiled remembering at the end of the book, some of the friends were able to raise their physical vibrations high enough to vanish!  I like that.  

It doesn't get any better than this!  COSMIC!

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Northlake Autumn, photo by Rob
Chasing Shadows, Zenwalk, pencil gesture drawing by Dahlis Roy