Monday, October 31, 2011


"The universe works differently than is commonly supposed," Mildred

Several years a ago summer dream pleasantly surprised me by sending a gleaming blue and white teapot sitting on a honey toned oak window sill.  Veils of kitchen curtains blew gently in the breeze through the open window.  A neon sun and bright blue gentle August morning had painted another dream.  Yet I rarely sip tea nor do I collect tea pots.  Why did the teapot appear?

Fall leaves and winter chill washed the landscape with snow and ice.  During a break in the weather, my husband and I traveled out of state for a bit of  recreation and shopping.  We stopped into one of our favorite grocery and variety stores.  Browsing through the shelves, I SAW IT!  THE TEAPOT IN THE WINDOW!  It was the identical blue and white Blue Willow pattern.  I had even seen the two painted birds in my dream pattern.  We eagerly filled our cart with the sale priced Blue Willow everyday dishes to replace some of our own dwindling collection.

But what about the teapot?  Of course it was not on sale...I picked it up.  The store had only one teapot.  I put it back down, not able to add it to the cart, and walked on for more shopping.  But I came back!  I looked again.  My husband suggested I buy the teapot of my dreams!

We took the treasure home.  We brewed tea in the winter night.  We loved our prize dishes.  We went back the next day to get more sale priced plates and bowls.  Where were all the dishes?  THEY WERE GONE!  We asked the manager, "Oh, we packed those up late yesterday and shipped them back to the manufacturer."

"Imagine," I thought, "If I had not bought the teapot yesterday!"  Then I reflected that I had reached into the "window" just in time and pulled out the teapot at the exact moment!  Is this how the universe works?

Recently a friend Judy came to visit.  I fetched the Blue Willow teapot.  As I prepared tea, I told Judy the story of the Teapot in the Window.  When we sat down to steaming fresh spearmint tea, Judy said, "Have you told me this story before?"

"Maybe last year?" I questioned.

"No," Judy replied, "But I had a dream sometime in the last few days.  It was you and your voice telling me this exact story!  You mentioned the Teapot in the Window in my dream!  It was blue and white!  I woke up expecting to find blue and white dishes and even looked around the room to see if there were any visible."

"And there," Judy pointed, "Is the Teapot in the Window!"

"Judy," I exclaimed, "I've been trying to write this story for five years now, and I just couldn't sit down and write it.  Why couldn't I write about my dream?  Today you came to visit and gave me the final data.  Now I can complete the picture of the Teapot in the Window!"

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The Teapot in the Window, photo by Dahlis Roy