Monday, September 26, 2011


OUT OF THE BLUE, Create A Vision: Unlocking Continuous Miracles,
 a Journey of the Heart-Mind, is one year old today!

Sept 26, 2010, two of my three children accompanied me as I pushed "publish" for the first time.  We all stood in silent jaw-dropping awe as the giant blue butterfly uploaded online as if by magic!  I felt tears.

"Now What?"

"Mom, just start writing!"

What a year of adventure and learning this is, a dynamic synergistic experience ongoing and encompassing realms of known and unknown.

What have I learned?  A bit about preparing photos for the Internet, a lot about logic and organization, a lesson in letting go of form, agendas, and outlined plans.   Subjects, art work, and photos upload appearing without much conscious thought.  Freedom from timetables, deadlines, editing, managing,  table of contents and more are  mine, online and open-ended!

How do I write and paint?  Spontaneously and with great joy!  Where will the brush or keyboard lead?  Let it go!  Let it happen!   Right brained words tumble out in streams or blocks of solid thoughts, or even catchy titles furiously scribbled on scraps of paper and later processed into solid left brained somewhat orderly light-words coming in from the Earth and beyond to become blog posts.  Like a giant jig saw puzzle, individual scattered bits of words, colors, and dreams fit together in harmony and balance.  Mind-training in action is here, a blend of intuition and trust.

Thank you family and friends, readers, contributors, and lightworkers visible and invisible for continuous encouragement, center stage and behind the scenes!  Keep up your great work!

What's ahead?  An "ongrowing" event, word (world) wide, an unlimited blueprint, a plan without boundaries!  Come Join The Dance!

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** Create A Vision Comes to Life!  Out of the Blue is the continuing tale of the Silver Butterfly.

Love, Dahlis

*Creatrix Impigritas-Creative Energy

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See his head peeking through in the above photo at right.

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Creatrix Impigritas-Creative Energy

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The Open Book photo by Dahlis Roy