Monday, September 19, 2011


*Starry Starry Night
I dreamed I was in a cold wintry location. There was blue snow and ice about, orange sun was sinking into the frozen horizon.  I thought of Claude Monet painting rich pure color. 

In the dream, Paul and I had parked our car and walked up the hill on a snowy road to a little shop that sold Chinese soup.  Paul told me his order.  I told him I would pick it up for him and meet him later.  I would bring the steaming soups back for us .  He would walk on ahead to our nearby house.

I ordered the soup and carried it carefully in an insulated container toward the car waiting in the snow.  However, when I tried to drive the car forward to the little road, snow and ice had glued the car--- stuck solid. 

"Maybe I can back up?"

I intended to free the car and back onto the main road that had been cleared of ice and snow.  I gunned the car, and it lurched backward.

As I turned my head to the left to watch my back up path,  I glanced up at the winter heavens!  Stars were sprinkled out like random diamonds flung on black velvet.  OH YES!  There was Orion, the winter hunter, wielding his club.  Streaking out in front of him were the Seven Sisters.  I was awestruck because the constellations seemed so near to me, much closer than the "reality" of Earth.  I felt I could reach out and touch the stars.  Not only the main stars shown brightly in familiar patterns, but there were so many stars visible beyond what we normally perceive.  How could that be?

In my dream, I glanced at the Pleiades and noted Miope (sic) shining brighter than the rest.  Why?  "Home" I questioned?  Of course I called out to the Great Wolf.  I noted with pleasure his Sirius Star dog collar tag shining brighter blue white than all the rest of the starry diamonds.  Again I noticed the mist of star dust images behind the visible stars.  I heard Neil Young sing ** "blue blue windows behind the stars...."  Time Stopped. 

Now back to the road at hand.  This time, the car backed out smoothly , and I turned with ease in one strong motion.  Suddenly and without warning two menacing men appeared as if my magic.  They were hitch-hiking!  One was very tall, muscular and blond sporting a heavy beard.  He was dressed in Scandinavian gear with a colorful ski cap, heavy tan leather coat and cumbersome boots.  He looked like a Musk Ox in human clothing!  He grinned at me.  The other man was slight and wore darker clothes, no hat.  He seemed to hide behind his bolder companion.    

I heard a voice, "Lock the doors!"  I reached around for the door locks, but my arm was paralyzed with fear.  I gunned the car quickly leaving the men far behind and streaked toward home.  I felt like I was in a scene from Back to the Future!

The Painted Sky
As I pulled near my home, I again glanced at the winter sky.  In the pre-dawn, the sky had now turned a beautiful pale blue showing Orion and his companions against a soft light colored backdrop instead of the midnight blue black of the night sky.  There was a tinge of pink at the horizon.  The beautiful mist of stars behind the bright stars still glowed plainly.  Then the whole sky gradually flushed a welcome pale pink.  The stars still winked their messages. 

I woke with a start!  The pre-dawn pale blue sky color with the constellations pasted upon it stayed with me.  There could not be a sky like that except in a dream.  Constellations fade out when the sky brightens while brighter stars remain.  Why did the sky turn pink?

Glow Your Mind
Why was Orion in the East in my dream?  He would not be in the Eastern sky rising in the AM in the winter?  Why did I write "Miope" instead of Merope for the star in the Pleiades?  I chuckle to note that I am/was myopic (near sighted) but now I am seeing better into infinity while starwatching.  Why didn't I dream "Electra" instead of Merope?  Electra is my favorite of the Pleiades.

Some years elapsed since the dream of the starry sky.  Just this past August, I stepped outside in "first light."  Walking through the yard felt good underfoot.  Dewey grass and an umbrella of trees beckoned to me.  I breathed in the fresh pre-autumn air.  I entered a clearer part of the yard and looked up.  I was stunned speechless to look into the Eastern Sky and see all of Orion in his full glory flung out against a pale blue cloth.  Sirius had not risen yet.  These stars  were totally clear!  Yes, the pink tinge of the rising sun was present to greet me too. 

I stood alone, yet not alone.   My starry dream came true!

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