Saturday, January 30, 2016


Coming out of my usual daydream, I sit up and take notice:

"To be happy, you have to be compliant with not knowing," * Shirley MacLaine.

In haste, I grabbed my handy note pad and scribbled down the words.

I have seen this show several times, each time I pick up new information or points of interest.  Each time, I grow new thoughts, like seedlings sprouting.

Points to Ponder: 

"Not Knowing?"  How comfortable am I with that?  Letting Go (Letting Grow)?

What is Happiness?  Internal?  "I want Inner Peace, I want it NOW!"  

I know happiness does not occur with shopping, watching movies, or acquiring other externals or trophies of various kinds.   

What then?

What makes me happy?

Definitely In the Zone
Painting is in first place


Practicing and Teaching Tai Chi

and others in random order, Calming Meditating

Enjoying Food




Listening to Music

Seeing Stars in the Night Sky

White Sandy Beaches at Sunrise 

Sunsets on the Lake

Mountains dressed in Clouds or Sunshine

Blue-Purple of Winter Twilight

Riding the Merry-Go-Round over and over again

"Happiness is a Warm Puppy," Charles Schultz

What Makes You Happy?

** Safari  Means Journey, what is Yours?

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* Shirley MacLaine is an actress, dancer, author, and spiritual teacher.  The Soul of a Star on Super Soul Sunday, (2014), Shirley's interview with Oprah Winfrey, OWN Network, re-aired Jan 24, 2016.

** The Cooking Channel:  Sarah Graham's Food Safari, Lion Conservation Zimbabwe, "Come for easy recipes, stay for majestic animals."  

I enjoy half hour cooking shows, a quick break, positive and friendly Siba's Kitchen, Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown Good Eats

The Food Network:  Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Collie Photos by Dahlis:  

Lad at 6 months

Sky at 3 months