Sunday, January 17, 2016


OK?  What Next?

Where Am I?

Who Am I? 

Am I? 

* Watching Charlie Rose last night interviewing Rem Koolhaus, writer and architect, I shook out of a daydream to hear a cut and paste of::

Charlie: ".... writing or building?" 

Rem Koolhaus:  Writing is analysis,  I am a "monk in a cell, capturing a reality or a new reality in the world of ideas," insight, "world of observation," solitary...."Building is a team effort, a collaboration, social....". 

"Analysis is often what triggers innovation."
Be in both worlds: "Analysis is the basis for new thinking"
Analysis and Intuition: both are necessary:  The Best of Both Worlds

 Charlie Rose:  "The world of ideas is where you start."

Experiment:  One Minute Writing:

Close eyes, pick a book, any book or E- book chosen at random, phrase, or song lyrics.  I reached over and chose ("surprize") ** Shirley MacLaine's book It's All in the Playing.

Open a page at random, what is the first sentence or phrase your eyes perceive?  Close the book without reading any more.

Quote to Ponder: "Let me think about it all tonight," he said. 

Set a timer for 60 seconds and spontaneously write (right) like crazy!  Running on Auto Pilot "NOW"~

"Let me think about it all tonight," he said."

"See You Around," I replied sullenly.  I shut the door and sighed.

"What if he calls? What will I do?"

"Worse Yet, What if he Doesn't Call?"

Rem Koolhaus:  "Architecture is like script writing, recreating daily life from scratch."

Key Word: "Writing"

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* Charlie  Rose, Interviews, PBS, Bloomberg TV, Charlie interviews Rem Koolhaus, architect and writer, Jan 14, 2016

** Shirley MacLaine, It's All  In The Playing, hard copy Ed 1987, p 99. Other books by Shirley, Out on a Limb, The Camino, and more.  Shirley is an actress, author, dancer, and spiritual teacher. Shirley's New Book coming in March 2016, Above the Line.

Music:  Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits, include Pancho and Lefty with Merle Haggard, Angel Flyin' Too Close to the Ground, On the Road Again, Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain and more..  Willie Received the Gershwin Prize for Popular Music, Dec 2015 from the Library of Congress.  See the celebration on USA. 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

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