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Ice Crystals

Epiphany Kitten~ 

* CATaclysm:  In the midst of a blizzard on Jan 6, 2015, we received an unexpected kitten gift.  Orange Cat and I looked at each other in dismay as the kitten cried out for help on our back steps.

"Oh what will we do?"

We coaxed him inside to warmth and safety.  We are grateful the kitten's long haired coat had protected him so well.

Black and tan Ruff, named for his neck frills, wears a sweater-scarf.  Long guard hairs stick out on his back, paws, and tail Ears have silky feathers for extra insulation.  Soft as angora is he.  Blue-black shiny back hair, soft as silk, reflects a "blue" shine in certain lighting. Elongated snowshoe paws add cushioning Low slung body made for winter completes the picture.  


"That's evolution in action."

"Ruff has plumage!"  

Look above Ruff's closed eyes and "see" two big staring eye spots, added protection in the wild, awake or asleep.

I chuckle as I compare Ruff''s "mane" and furry coat with my Collie friends from years ago!  I love how Ruff, like the Collies before him, love to be brushed and combed.  Ruff closes his eyes and smiles with gratitude.  Ruff is very much like a dog, in expression and manners. He flops down on the floor like a puppy.  

And then there's Orange, our jungle boy, showing very tiny tree climbing feet, slender muscular body, and triangular head.  Swirls of sunlight, art work painted with fur colors, blend into his natural camouflage.  Orange enjoys and owns his cat tree.

"A Snake with Legs"

Mirror Image Double Vision

After Ruff's arrival, Orange took to adopting the kitten and parenting him.  Orange grooms Ruff.  Ruff is now larger than Orange!  Ruff also grooms Orange.  We all still think of Ruff as "Kitten."  Ruff loves to parade around, talking to himself, saying "row" (rhymes with "now").  We say "He's little Ruffie Rows-a-Lot!"

Best Buddies
Orange protects and parents the kitten.

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Note:  Ruff is a mixed breed Ruff fits many of Norwegian Forest Cat's characteristics:  sweet features, good natured, charming and social, gets along with a variety of people and cats, and dog-like behaviorOrange also has no written linage, but he has many features and behavior of the Bengal Cat.  Some Bengals sport spotted coats and some have swirl designs or rosettes.  They are active athletic speed lovers, intelligent and charming with a strong, loud bell-like voice.

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Photos by Dahlis:
Ice Crystals
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Mirror Image Double Vision
Best Buddies