Saturday, February 6, 2016


*  "Love Begins With Me...."

Recently I took some candid shots, point and shoot of a design, just for fun.  I was amazed at the results.  Based on perception and depth of field, the panorama became a life of its own.

How like love!  A many faceted prism, that nurtures and grows and takes unexplored paths of wonder and light.

"Quiet Moments of Clarity...."

 Paw prints appear!  They dance and twirl is a cosmic translucent cloud.  I chuckle to feel close to furry friends far and near. 

"Gentle Acceptance...."

This one looks like a blue butterfly unfolding its wings in the middle right view.  Outreach, compassion, empathy, enjoyment.  Golden flowers await.

"Today I Choose Love...."

Expansive, Expressive, Spontaneous, Purity and Truth~

* Words and pictures tumble and fall gently as I write.  Like a puzzle, I don't know how or where the pieces are going to fit.

"Take A Moment to Rest...."

Key Words: Valentine's Day, Love

* Listening to Guided Meditations while I write:
Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, quotes from 21 Day Meditation Experiences, Miraculous Relationships:  Miraculous Nature and Miraculous Living.  Chopra Center Online.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist Author and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis, 
Paw Print Design Explorations 
Paw Print Clouds
Blue Butterfly
Cosmic Light and Color