Friday, November 21, 2014


One Step at a Time
Recently I settled down for a bit of rest and TV.  There were some scenes in black and white of various breeds of dogs on a beach.  The views presented one dog at a time, sometimes a puppy, sometimes and adult dog.  Some dogs ran, some played in the water, some napped on the rocks.  

My mind started to relax.  All of a sudden, seeing the rocks by the water, my imagination re-played a rock I have.  My small rock is white and naturally shaped like a heart.  It was given to me by a neighbor years ago.  

"I found this under my oak tree, and I think it is for you." 

I have to hold this rock in my hand right now!  Where is it?  I had organized things lately (oh no) and it may have been moved or put away.  I searched in the first logical place, not there.  I was becoming irritable.  I really wanted to reconnect with the little heart rock and quickly.

I went through my dishes of rocks.  I have many random rock and shell displays.  My heart leaped up with joy!  There it is!  

Soul to Soul 
I quickly carried the little rock into my living room along with some other stones from a creek bed in the Pennsylvania mountains.  As I placed the pieces on the mantel, I felt but did not see a golden light with me.  Recently my neighbor had passed away.  She told me she would be in touch.  I felt her close and loving!  I lingered a bit at the mantel enjoying a light hearted  moment.  As the golden light faded, I paused to ponder the wonder and joy of the windows, doors, and dimensions of our lives.

*  "There is no difference between the visible and the invisible-none." 

**  Glow in the Forest

 Every Moment is A Gift
What are you grateful for in these Moments of Thanksgiving?

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