Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today, during silent meditation in my home quiet space, I immediately sank into deep restInstead of seeing parades of animal images, scrolls of ancient writings, cave symbols, or colors in muted shades, streaks or bright spots, I slipped into a welcome state of non-image inner peace.  This was new for me!  Yet I was not asleep, even though the soft musical accompaniment also vanished.  Intuitively I felt subtle layers of unbounded awareness and subconscious connection.  I loved this state of be-ing and welcomed feelings of safety, security and relaxation.  

I needed this restful comfort after an intense experience of placing a painting in her new home.  I heard Louise coach me from long ago, "Everything you do is intense, you lead a complex inner life."  Now, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation help~a lot.

  Courage is Here

The painting of a Black Wolf named Courage went to a new home today, to continue her own journey.  Do paintings go on journeys?  You Bet!  As I placed Black Wolf on my mantel, waiting for her new owner to come, she almost whispered to me, "Mantel."  

"She wants her own mantel," drifted into my focus.  I let it go....

Black Wolf's new owner let me know, "I'm going to place her on my mantel!  It is made of stones."

This is where Black Wolf wants to be!


Jaw Drop Moment

* Black Wolf's image had been with me a long time, long before I painted her.  Now Black Wolf and her Spirit Guides, a white wolf and other animals and birds seen above her head, go on their continuing journeys.  They will radiate outward, providing refreshing, rejuvenating energy in their new location.  

What greater joy and gratitude does an artist know on Earth?

These moments nourish my creativity:  intuition, intention, attention, concentration, focus, awareness and unconditional love.

"The paint is Incidental."

                   **  "All my Senses Come to Life...." 

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