Saturday, November 1, 2014


Wind and Clouds

Mind Fields
Take a Hike!  Any Hike Anywhere!

A quick outdoor break (yes please) from work or home into to a courtyard, garden or open space is so needed.  Feel quiet, relaxed and refreshed.  If it is storming, like today, imagine your hike in a beautiful space as you walk or practice other exercise indoors.  Music is here!

Mind Games 

Connect the Dots

* "God is live stream!"

"How do you feed your creativity?"

"Go Play!"

"Exercises I tried on...."  I liked that, "exercises I tried on." .Feeling the right exercises for your body as needed, even bits and pieces of exercise feel wonderful.

"Bring Back the Mountain!"  While hiking in the mountains, you feel rock solid and empty sky experiences.  I think of Long's Peak in Colorado USA, the sacred mountain.

"Home from the Mountain...."  "The Grand Invitation.... The Sweet Mundane."
The ever present "Now" is here.

"Actively Pray:" ask for, listen, journal, poetry, sing, speak, dance, observe..."sweat!"

** "Spirituality is going beyond belief,"  Pema Chodron

Focus-Breathe- Relax-Laugh

I saw a group of people on the streets of New York City on TV  coached into a brief meditation: 

Hold Hands with the person next to you.

At home, I was alone, I imagined holding hands.  I felt energy instantly all over.

*** Deepak Chopra softly suggests to think silently and slowly to yourself positive words you need to hear such as Safe,  Secure,  Reassurance,  Love,  Truth,  Beauty,...."

"When you are ready invite 'Laughter' to enter."  The audience chuckled and smiled, I actually felt laughter here at home.  I laughed out loud!  Invite laughter every day, feeling lighter and happier helps you and others.

Just yesterday I was in a large local store.  The manager and his team were laughing out loud!  I happened to be walking along...I caught them laughing!  I stayed back a bit.  The group broke up when they saw me.  The manager spoke to me still smiling:

"How are you today?"

I smiled widely, and meant it.

"You know," he continued, "Sometimes when we're all having a challenging  day, you just gotta laugh!"

Pink Lotus

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Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Art Work by Dahlis
Wind and Clouds, Yin and Yang Moon, oil painting
See Spots Run, Cheetahs at Play, oil painting
The Pink Lotus, Dreaming Out Loud, crayon sketch