Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I "see" a parade of blue butterflies in the flowers....
What Do You "See?"  


* "....All I know since yesterday, is everything has changed...."

"Yes, it has~" I ponder


The phone rings:

"What do we want?" I ask Debra.

**  "We want everything!"
"We want it Yesterday!" 

I chime in, "I want a slower pace, I feel like I am running a robotic race with myself.  I need to carve out more 'creative artistic time' in a quiet space of stillness.  I will work with this."

** "Everything is Yesterday~Everything is Now!"  Debra added. 

 Suddenly a Spring Shower Burst Into Being!
 * "All I know it's pouring rain, and everything has changed...."  The background song plays along, I catch the lyrics.
"Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow~ "

"Everything is Yes...."

 I am "hear."

Capture A Creative Moment~

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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, co written song, Since Yesterday, from Taylor's album, Red.

** Debra Basham, author, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, Blog, Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health, post Dragons, Jan 27, 2014, photo and story ideas used with permission.

Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photo by Debra

Flowers Along the Path, a European Journey, photo used with permission