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*  World Tai Chi Day is Saturday, April 26. 
 All Around The  World, We Gather at 10 AM in Your Time Zone to Celebrate Tai Chi.

"....Breathe Together and provide a Healing Vision for Our World," Bill Douglas, Creator of World Tai Chi Day.

Every Year, the last Saturday in April, people world-wide gather across all time zones for World Tai Chi Day:  alone, in groups or classes, in parks, on mountains, in cities and countries, now spanning over 80 nations, we open hands and hearts to balance Yin (receiving) and Yang (giving).  

"All is balance in Tai Chi,"  Jiong Gu.

 Still Motion

** Local Tai Chi Studio to Participate in Global Event 

Guest Authors: Karol Knapp, Teresa Ferrill, and Melinda Watson

St. Joseph Michigan USA
Despite what it may have looked like to startled onlookers, two woman brandishing swords on a quiet street corner weren't settling a score or defending anyone's honor.  In fact there were practicing what's considered to be the most gentle of the Chinese Martial Arts.  

** Teresa Ferrill, owner of 721 Pleasant Street Studio, was leading student, Krysten Watson, through several "forms" or prescribed movements unique to Tai Chi.  Teresa and fellow instructor, Janet Snelgrove, have been especially busy lately preparing their students to take part in the global event of World Tai Chi Day, the last Saturday in April. 

World Tai Chi Day was created in 1999 by Bill Douglas, Tai Chi expert, as a way to highlight the many health benefits of Tai Chi which is closely related to Kung Fu but without the speed and aggressiveness.  In contrast, Teresa says Tai Chi is known for its slow and gentle movements which emphasize the "Art" in martial art.

Teresa said on World Tai Chi Day every year beginning at precisely 10 AM in New Zealand (the earliest time zone), practitioners of Tai Chi will take a break from their usual activities and spend a few minutes engaged in special events or mass exhibitions.  The celebration will continue in a westward sweep across the world, ending in Hawaii almost a full day after it began.  

According to a growing body of research, the benefits of Tai Chi include stress reduction and improved muscle strength, balance and flexibility.  Tai Chi is suitable for any age, requires no special equipment, and can be practiced in a variety of locations. 

"Teresa, How did the your Tai Chi studio begin?"

"I opened the studio after my husband, Mike, bought the building.  I claimed the room that formerly housed a Yoga studio as a Tai Chi practice space."  The room is large and sunny with  beautiful hard wood floors.  Wanting to meet the local Tai Chi community, Teresa organized a workshop and open house.

"My former instructor assured me that I was ready to teach so I installed mirrors along one side of the room and so Pleasant Street Studio was born.   Tai Chi is how I reward my body for getting me through another week.  Teresa added, "I don't always eat properly or take care of my body the way I should, but Tai Chi helps me to relax and keeps me healthy."  

Teresa compares the invigorating feeling she gets from Tai Chi to a runner s high.  "It's a better feeling than any other.  It feels like you really did something good, and it's gentler on your body than many other forms of exercise."

Melinda Watson, Tai Chi student, added she turned to Tai Chi as a way to keep her body moving while mentally de-stressing.  "Stepping into the studio on a Friday afternoon at the end of my work week is calming. I like that the number one rule of the class is to relax.  The atmosphere, the soft music, the fluid motions we practice allow me to find a calm center within myself, something much needed in a hectic schedule."

Wielding a real sword is "a very powerful feeling that comes with a great sense of responsibility.  Whenever I touch my sword, I remind myself this is a real weapon.  I must be calm and focused when I use it.  If I am neither calm nor focused I need to leave it alone."  

"I love to get people to try new things," Teresa adds.  "World Tai Chi Day is a chance for somebody who thinks martial arts are too difficult to discover Tai Chi is one they can do.  And for somebody who thinks working with a wooden practice sword is easy, they'll find out that its harder than it looks!"

** All Are Welcome~St. Joseph (SW) Michigan USA   

Join us at 721 Pleasant Street Studio at 9:45 AM, Saturday April 26 to Celebrate World Tai Chi Day.  Wear layers of loose and comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes.  Free parking available in front of the studio or turn left at the corner and turn left again into a free parking lot. 

Take A Deep Breath!

"Practice with Spirit, Got It?"  Jou, Tsung Hwa 

"All is Possible With the Mind,"  Dr. Paul Lam

"The Yi (mind) Leads the Qi (energy)," Dr. Yang Jwing-ming

"We Are a Tai Chi Family,"  Yang, Zhen-duo

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Resources: Thank You for All You Teach Us:  Bill Douglas, Creator of World Tai Chi Day.  Bill is a Tai Chi and Qigong (energy work) expert and noted author.   Paul Lam, M.D.,Tai Chi for Health Worldwide  Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming, Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts Expert, author  Yang Family, Creator of Yang Style Tai Chi  Jou, Tsung Hwa, "If I can do it, you can do it!"

Guest Authors:
Carol Knapp writer
Carol's New Book:  Read!  Roared the Lion, Children's Book, beautifully illustrated by Kenjji, award winning artist.
** Teresa Ferrill  Tai Chi instructor and owner 721 Pleasant Street Studio, St. Joseph (SW) Michigan USA.  Various Instructors, Tai Chi and Yoga, You Tube Videos
Teresa Phone (269) 408-6224, 
E-mail Tai Chi: Teresa Ferrill
Janet Snelgrove  

Melinda Watson, Writer and Tai Chi practitioner
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Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, Tai Chi Instructor

Photos printed with permission:
Paul Lam, M.D.
Still Motion, by Teresa Ferrill, Seagulls line up to practice Tai Chi. 
Feel the Energy oil painting by Dahlis Roy
Yang, Jwing-ming, Ph.D.