Saturday, March 15, 2014


Today I am thinking in green.

What does the color green do for you?

I am getting many images at once and some worlds (words).  I'll write them down spontaneously.


Emerald Carpet of April

Green Sprouts Push Upward

Sea of Green

Shimmering Leaves Whisper in the Wind

Thirst Quenching


Heart Center Green Ray

Soothing and Healing

Life Anew

Irish Moss on Seacoast Rocks

I saw Irish Moss in the store yesterday in celebration of St. Patrick's Day on March 17.  Blooming shamrocks in purple and white varieties dotted the shelves along with the small pots of moss.  I recalled my shamrocks in ages past, coming into flower again even after they looked "hopeless."  I stopped and stared at the moss and star-like flowers.  I remembered the Irish Moss stitch knit into Aran sweaters in Ireland to symbolize prosperity.  The moss grows where nothing else can.  Its green harvest provides needed nutrients.  

I thought of the green limes pictured above, a dash of tang added to pure water, soups, or cooked vegetables.  Limes are a no fructose fruit.  My mouth waters just looking a the picture or thinking of a tart lime slice.

Sea of Green reminds me of (chuckle) Yellow Submarine song by the Beatles.  I also saw in my imagination a "sea" of grey green (Lake Michigan) with hazy sun splashed on it like Irish waterways.  Years ago, my son, husband and I walked out on Lighthouse Pier at South Haven, Michigan.  We wrapped up well for the trek.  Chilly winds whipped us.  To my right, I noted the Black River.  The wave torn water was "black."  How could that be?  As the Black River entered Lake Michigan, the dark water gradually became a haunting green like the large Lake.  Breaking waves rolled into view.  I imagined the Atlantic Ocean Irish Seacoast and how the water might look.

Silver Lining

Look forward to shimmering leaves whispering in the wind as the greens of spring/summer approach us here.

                                       Think Green!  Nourish~Reflect~Dream

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Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Limes~refreshing green by Dahlis
Maple Leaves Display Silver Lining by Paul
Think Green, sunlight reflection on green table by Dahlis