Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Scanning my blog drafts for something to write, I open "Get Up and Grow."  I don't want to grow~ I don't want to learn lessons~ I want to rest~ I want a day off!  

I want it all!

As February melts into March, here I write and wonder....Actually it isn't melting yet!  The grey-pink snow is still about and real temperatures here this AM were in the single digits.  Now What?  

Blue Bird in Winter?
I get up and look out the front window and there are (wait for it) a flock of young male and female Eastern Bluebirds twittering and flitting through the front bushes and twigs.  They've got to be kidding!  What are they thinking?  I remember seeing Eastern Bluebirds in Virginia and only one in Pennsylvania years ago.  In near zero weather they are "here and now?"

What "Now?"

We have a new young cat called Extra Orange.  We marvel at his energy and youth.  He and we are adjusting to his new home configuration and extended cat family.  He hasn't gone outside yet.  He came in from a warm climate.  Orange has (we think) never seen snow.  He and we will wait a bit for the big outdoor adventure....

Someone asked me, "How are you doing with all these cats?"  I answered:  "We are finding new brain pathways and coping skills!"  This is great training for humans and cats!  Orange integrates easily with everyone.  "Imagine"

 "Paws Under Door"

Think Green!

 Orange Remembers the Great Outdoors

To Stimulate Self:

Try Something New Today
What will it be?  I washed my hair the old fashioned way like my mother, Connie, and her mother "Ma."  I tried Castile Soap instead of shampoo!  
Will it lather, will it rinse clean?   Yes! I am pleased!

Shake Up Your Routine
Usually I practice "seated meditation" and Tai Chi "moving meditation" separately  Why not combine them?
Today I tried listening to a guided meditation while practicing Tai Chi/Qigong (energy work) exercises blended with a bit of Yoga and finishing with standing meditation and cool down routines.  I am energized and refreshed.  My mind find feels calmer "write now."  I am amazed to find that when the guided meditation ended, so did my exercise routine (unplanned).

Learn Something New:
Tomorrow I am stepping out of my comfort zone and attending a computer seminar.  Help!  I feel "school" coming back to me.  I want to vanish and not go!  However, I plan to attend and stay quiet in class....focus mind, center self, be in the moment.

Create New Projects
Recently I began knitting again.  I am trying a few simple patterns.  So far, still experimenting with yarns and needles is fun.  I enjoy the unhurried process of relaxation while completing a few quiet rows of knitting as "seated meditation."  I experience the familiar click of needles and yarn slipping through easily through fingers.

Choose an Attribute or Calming Visual Image
Choose one as needed and write it down, look at the word and smile.  Examples: "Beauty," "Peace," "Sunshine", "Beach, "Infinity"....  

BIG YES!  Growing Now!

Growing As We Speak~

Grow Green!  Increase Your Brain Power Everyday!

Glow Green~ Light Up Your Life!

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