Sunday, April 13, 2014


"The World Beyond What We Can See," Louie Schwartzberg, photographer, filmmaker

My random and sporadic brain takes bits and pieces of scattered information, photographic images, painted experiences, conversations, music, dance, light, color, and other sensory stimuli and juggles them about. Stir the stew and simmer all of these ingredients in a mixture that may take time, even years for a creative moment to flash and download into physical being!  

Bits and Chips of Colored Glass become a Completed Stained Glass Window.

The linking brain connects the dots and fashions a whole new art form, research study, or methods of thought patterns.  The creative Heart-Mind is born again!   I am grateful for these Om My God surprises!  I open my heart to invite wonder and joy.

Everyone has unique pathways in thinking, feeling, and creating.  Maximize the positive paths for you.

Recently as I watched ** Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey, Neil Degrasse Tyson imagined ancient people "connected the dots" and formed pictures of humans/super-humans, animals, and birds in the night sky.  The sky was dark velvet then, free of light pollution.  What a great adventure!  The art of the constellation was born.

*** I felt the cave again, a haven for art work and ceremony.  The night sky of the time is actually painted in some caves.  Frank Edge, an astronomer, "saw" beyond the animal paintings and figures in Lascaux Cave's Hall of Bulls, noting the "dots" on the art work actually represented star maps at that time. 

I saw in my imagination my favorite constellation, Canis Major (CMA) the great Celestial Wolf.  My first image of him was on a chart many years ago.  There was the Great Wolf, front paw upraised, on a black background.  His star dots were connected by white lines.  Better yet, the artist had outlined in white the Great Wolf shape out around the dots (stars) and lines (structure).  I could easily picture the entire figure.  Eagerly my Dad and I went out, chart and flashlight in hand, and easily found the Great Wolf! 

*** "The stars are so close you think you could just reach up and stir them around...."

When I was young, I liked to connect the dots with pen and paper, then color the images.  My Dad showed me how.

When I was older, I painted the Cheetah! 

"Life is the Art of Drawing Without an Eraser," John Gardner

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*Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN Network, April 13, 2014 and online, conversation with Louie Schwartzberg, filmmaker and photographer.
Louie's video on You Tube: Gratitude 

**Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey, a series, Neil Degrasse Tyson takes an incredible journey into the known and the unknown.

***Clark Gable to Claudette Colbert in the 1934 movie It Happened One Night.

Carl Sagan, The Small Blue Dot (Earth), video You Tube

Deepak Chopra, M.D.  Chopra Center Meditation, unlock the potential of a quiet mind.

Paul Lam, M.D. Tai Chi for Health Institute, Tai Chi worldwide, relax while exercising, explore and expand physical and mental strength.

Sky and Telescope online, This Week in the Night Sky
Sky and Telescope Magazine (hard copy), some years ago, I read about "what if" you were on another star system and you saw Canis Major from a different viewpoint?  In the picture I noticed the skewed stars and how differently they were angled.   "Imagine"

Dahlis Roy, Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Photos by Dahlis

Cut, Paste, Create: Inspiration

Artist (Cheetah) at Work and Play