Monday, April 14, 2014


Ideas Come from Out of the Blue

* We settled into comfortable chairs to hear and view a bit about Angels.  "Do you believe in Angels and How Can They help You to Heal?"  

I sat up eagerly!  Rebecca Rosen, author of Awaken the Spirit Within, told Mehmet Oz, M.D. along with several audience members information about life events, relatives, and mentors.  Other areas of communication also opened up ** across the line. 

Can you communicate with the divine? Rebecca's Guidelines:

Prayer:  Offer positive unselfish intent and invitation to connect

Meditation:  Calming the "party in your head" helps you receive.

Trust and Intuition:  "Get out of your own way."

Trust your non-logical "Gut Feelings"

Then Rebecca spoke about a light bulbs suddenly switching on, "Thoughts or ideas come to you from 'OUT OF THE BLUE!' "

I burst into instant tears~

"What's wrong?" My husband inquired. 

"That's Exactly It"

I stood up and sobbed to the computer.  The screen had timed out.  I restored the current screen image and Out of the Blue Blog appeared showing my Blue Butterfly Logo Painting!  I have never had the Blue Butterfly activated while watching TV-ever.  Silently I pointed to the physical paintings of Blue Butterfly and her companion, Silver Butterfly, resting right here in this room.  

                    I feel awe, wonder, and deep gratitude ~ spontaneous synchronicity.

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* Rebecca Rosen, book Awaken The Spirit  Within.  Connect and communicate positively with  Guides and Angels.  The Dr. Oz Show, Jan 17, 2014 and re-aired April 4, 2014: Topics include "Do You Believe in Angels and How Can they Help You Heal?" 

The Good Life, new magazine from Dr. OZ features an article Mind + Mood Get A Lift from True Blue (May-June 2014 issue p 79).  "It fills the skies and the oceans and this calming color can expand your horizons too."  There's that Blue Morpho Butterfly pictured again!

** Across the Line by Anice Terhune, widow of author and journalist, Albert Payson Terhune.  Terhune wrote dog stories about his Collie pals such as Gray Dawn, and Lad a Dog.  "The Dogs Are Here!"  Bert Terhune communicates with his wife after he passed away.  A controversial and courageous book in its day.

Eben Alexander, M.D., book Proof of Heaven, a personal journey into the beyond.  Eternea: a non-profit organization blends Science and Spirituality, NDE's (Near Death Experiences) and more are discussed.  A Blue Butterfly Image is on the Masthead of the site!

Deepak Chopra, M.D, author and spiritual teacher, Chopra Center Meditation.

Were You Here Before?  The Best of the Oprah Show re-aired April 20 on OWN Network.  Brian Weiss, M.D., psychiatrist, author of Many Lives, Many Masters joins Mehmet Oz, M.D. and Oprah Winfrey for a deep discusison about reincarnation.

Daniel G. Amen, M.D, psychiatrist, H
How does our brain work and how can we tap into our maximum potential?  Magnificent Mind at Any Age and Healing ADD (revised edition Dec 2013), recognize and heal the seven types of ADD.

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Paintings by Dahlis
Blue Butterfly,  oil painting Logo for Out of the Blue, Unlocking Continuous Miracles, various topics

Silver Butterfly, Create A  Vision, oil painting