Tuesday, January 3, 2012


*  "Let us continue to work together to bring more happiness and harmony to ourselves and to the world,"  Paul Lam, M.D.

**  Years ago in a story called Tai Chi Adventure, I had a section called The Newest Year, the year I learned at home and in class to practice (and much later teach) Tai Chi.   As re-read the words today, I flashed back to "Every winter morning, my son Rob explained correct Tai Chi breathing and showed me some simple warm up exercises called Qigong ('Chee-gong') I was in such poor shape even the warm ups made me sore and tired.  Gradually I felt better with stronger physical energy.  Rob added a second daily practice in the late afternoon, some Yang Style Tai Chi his teacher, Jiong Gu, practiced."

"Mom, You're not leaving the house without practicing Tai Chi!"

After daily Tai Chi practice, I wrote out random thoughts on scraps of paper and shredded most, a clearing.  Sometimes I kept notes to develop later.  **That's how a book, Silver Butterfly, and later this blog, Out of the Blue, were born." 

Daily Tai Chi exercise gives me ongoing strength and health plus creative concentration and relaxation for exciting projects and opens windows for ever new opportunities.

Colors and lights are shifting in mysterious plays of hues and shades.  Intuition is becoming more accessible.  Sensitivity and empathy spring up like flowers pushing shoots through snow.

Recently my friend, Debra, and I experienced a play of rainbow orbs in my living room.  The slanted winter sun shown brilliantly through frosted glass prisms in the front door.  I thought of reaching for a camera to capture the globes of light, but silent intuition spoke, "Leave it alone and just watch." 

One orb was particularly unusual as it flickered and danced across a Spirituality and Health magazine Debra brought.  The globe of colored light looked three dimensional rather than a flat prism.  In my imagination, I could hold it in my hands.  The globe vibrated and swirled, radiating  rainbow prisms with pink bands.  Then textured Earth tones appeared, a grounding presence.  The orb seem to rotate and move, like our planet.  Our heart centers opened while witnessing this transient play of light.  If Debra and I had been somewhere else, at that exact time, we would have missed participating in our "divine appointment." 

"God's Perfect Timing" 


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2012, contributed photo
Colored Lights Through Frosted Glass, photo by Dahlis Roy