Saturday, January 21, 2012


Celebrate Year of the Dragon!

What does the dragon mean?  In some countries the dragon is a symbol of fear and destruction.  Dragons appear in myths and legends of our times.  Creatures of the Sea rise up from oceans and even teach people on Earth lessons or "become" human or half human. 

My first drawings were dragons, drawn with red crayons.  Cave artists hinted at dragons or snake-like totems.  Rock carvings may suggest dinosaur shapes.  Where do these come from?  Some dragons have wings and rest on clouds, why?  Rob suggests ancient builders excavating a site may have dug up huge bones.  Artists constructed dragon shapes based on the bone formations. 

*In her book, Sage-ing While Age-ing, Shirley MacLaine speaks of the dragon's Chinese meaning as a rise in consciousness, evolving and unfolding into new ways of wholeness, thought, and action.  Shirley thinks it is no coincidence that 2012 is "The Year of the Dragon."

How can Tai Chi and Qigong practice help?  Can you feel a new rise in qi ("Chee" energy) for your body, mind, and spirit as you practice?  Can Tai Chi promote flexibility as the bamboo bends in the wind?  Tai Chi nurtures centering by going within.  What are new skills we are all learning?  What would you like to experience and accomplish in 2012 and beyond?  Can I (should I) tame the dragon?  Is the dragon within?

"Oh What do I know of the dragon?  It comes on wind and clouds. "
Tao te Ching

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

** Creatrix Impigratis!

*  Shirley MacLaine is a noted actress, author, and mystic.  Sage-ing While Age-ing, I'm Over All That, Going Within, Out on a Limb books and more.

**   Creative Energy!  Colin and Mitzi Orr teach Yang Long Form Tai Chi and Qigong (Shibashi-18 Form Tai Chi Qigong) in Gorleston by the Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, U.K.  Dr. Paul Lam in Sydney, Australia, promotes Tai Chi for Health worldwide.  Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming helps us to understand Tai Chi as an inner art, for health and martial practice.  nonprofit educational organization providing Chinese language education and cultural enrichment programs for children and residents in St. Joseph (SW) Michigan USA.  Ching-He Huang brings Chinese Food Made Easy, fresh, fun, healthful  Request free E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision.  Purchase paintings and prints.

Photo Dragon courtesy Bridge to China, St. Joseph, Michigan USA