Thursday, December 22, 2011


*Life Colors

*My friend, Deborah, asked me, "What color is God?"  

"Hues are full spectrum and beyond.  These include crystal and textured colors of Heaven too vivid to imagine or even paint with neon brush strokes."

Later, Deborah shared her writing.  "I think of you as an anchor, a kindred spirit, a validation of the mostly hidden but emerging part of me.  You are a companion in the development of that part."

"Here are my thoughts in answer to the question, 'What color is God?'  My body is empowered through energy centers expressed in colors." 

RED: community of family and friends, country, world, the power of mutual understanding, support, and experience

ORANGE:  surprises of new patterns like a lightly tapped kaleidoscope, the tingle of touch, the power of surging emotions, waterfalls

YELLOW:  power to approach methodically and gently follow step by step, completion of a task:  the power to do, to accomplish, the revealing of capabilities

GREEN:  soothing, caressing, strengthening, pain to peace, hurt to healing

BLUE:  power to speak, to observe and then describe, to name realities around us that have no visible physical form, to express one's truth, to know one another more deeply

INDIGO:  imagination, a special way of knowing, a trustworthy foundation and personal guide

VIOLET:  the life beyond, above, and below what we see and touch, the next room, the next chapter, the eternal dimension where all tears are dried, all wounds healed, and there is endless rejoicing:  Home

Deborah continued by phone, "Since we had our angel discussion, I am aware of the name Mary as my special friend.  I now feel there is protection and guidance in the universe for me.  So many others have felt this all their lives.  Actually, as I look back, I see countless signs of protection.   Although that protection was not felt then nor did it save me from considerable difficulties, I now know that it was there."

How can you express your personal spectrum with paint or crayons, words, vibrations, colors, or sing musical melodies or chants?

*Life Colors
"Looking for" a colorful picture for this post, an E-mail arrived.  A child had gleefully colored the  above picture/calendar for me!  I eagerly received permission to print the coloring.  We see the earth tones and full spectrum display.  I note the prominent dark and light blues and purples.  In the numbers 2012, we have the pink of unconditional love! 

**Shirley MacLaine in her book, The Camino, notes increased shades of lavender and purple becoming visible as a shift into invisible dimensions on the Earth, beyond the third dimension.

Another friend contributed, "My Mother, an artist, took me to the Arizona desert and said, 'Look at all the colors!' "

"I don't see any colors, it's just sand and cactus to me."

"Years later, after I started painting, I visited the desert again.  I was amazed at a new display of beautiful colors.  I had tuned into the sensitivity of the lilacs, blues, even pinks and purples in the rocks and sand."

"Artists bring God's colors to Earth."

Happy Winter Solstice:  Happy Winter Solace: A Time of Reflection

Welcome to 2012:  beyond your Horizon! 

 "When you move you take yourself with you", Francesca

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**  Shirley MacLaine is a well known actress, author, and mystic, The Camino, Sage-ing While Age-ing, I'm Over All That and more  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Debra Basham, CHTP  Visualize:  maximize your healing experience.  Debra's New Blog:  Yellow Brick Road:  Your Path to Heart and Health

Contributed Photo, "2012"