Thursday, December 1, 2011


                           Inspirations of Light in the midst of Global Change:

Rapid Spontaneous Events and Creativity are increasing.

Share Information

Going Within

Keep Love Strong

The pace of modern life seems to be speeding up, streaking ever faster as we have more to accomplish than can ever be done.  We feel creative and free to try new projects while connecting and sharing with others globally via technology.  Information floods us with the click of a button.  Suddenly we find ourselves turning 180 degrees at the speed of light and, intuitively, heading in yet another direction!

How can we keep up, or should we?  Going Within for quiet meditation every day is needed soul fuel to recharge our thinking and help us maintain health and stamina.  Moving meditations such as Tai Chi, Yoga, or walking a Labyrinth, can create a quiet space and inner harmony while moving into a state of relaxation and concentration. These exercises help us resonate with frequencies of the Earth.  We absorb the vibrations to the cellular level.  Brain and Body refresh and rejuvenate.  Healing can begin at all levels.

*Mayan Wisdom Keeper, Ac Tah, calls for "Internal Happiness." These quiet positive moments keep Love's focus strong and promote world peace and unity.

A picture of a large round clock with blue painted numbers came into my imagination.  The image morphed into a "Now Clock" ("Now" written where numbers were) and then fading into a "No-Thing" clock (a multidimensional circle without numbers.)  All are "timely."

*   Book by Ac Tah, The Night of the Last Katun, newsletter, labyrinth and more.  Also Facebook,Twitter and You Tube   Maya Vibration Sound Technique.  Ac Tah has prepared Mai Needham to teach these sacred sounds.  Brian Green, Physicist, Welcome to the 11th Dimension from The Elegant Universe series and Quantum Leap from Fabric of the Cosmos Series, books and more  Dr. Paul Lam, a family practice physician from Sydney, Australia creates Tai Chi for Health Programs, articles, newsletter.  books by Shirley include I'm Over All That, Sage-ing While Age-ing, The Camino (Shirley's personal pilgrimage while walking ancient paths), Going Within and Out on A Limb (two classics). thousands of free full text online books including Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams (a journey to sacred sites) Healing NOW with Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Rev. Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT  purchase paintings or prints and request free E-book, Silver Butterfly: Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit 

Wild Orchid photo by Dahlis Roy