Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanks * Abundance * Gratitude

Thanksgiving season in USA is rolling around again, entering our lives in celebration of The Great Harvest.

What is Thanksgiving?  Turkey and trimmings and family joy memories come streaming in like videos.  While writing I re-live childhood memories of helping my Mom in our tiny kitchen, I melted the butter and tore the "stuffing bread" into pieces.  We tossed it together and added the poultry seasoning.  I loved to eat it raw rather than cooked.  Actually I ate a lot of raw foods like buckwheat pancake batter, vanilla cake batter, and everyone's favorite raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

Chopping walnuts was my job.  I ate as many as I chopped!  We always made Holiday Cranberry Salad, a delicious blend of raspberry jello, chopped celery, crisp Macintosh apples, and fresh plump English walnuts.  Relatives arrived bringing food and laughs.  My golden collie, Lad, and white cat, Shadow, waited eagerly for turkey.  

What have I learned in Earth School about Giving Thanks?  Thanks-Giving:  what does "giving" mean?  When I give of myself to others how do I feel?  Joyous?  Drained?  Debra and I had a conversation.  She said, "Giving and receiving must be in balance, not too much either way.  There is harmony and action in giving and receiving."  What are motivations for giving?  Can giving be a selfish act (ego trip)?  What is unconditional giving/receiving?  

Reflecting about "Thanks-giving," I am "Giving Thanks For Giving."  "For-Giving," of course!  Why does for-giving feel like a chore?  Forgiving and freeing ourselves and others is so needed to "Let Go-Let God" and open the heart with genuine joy. 

Thank-full living inspires gratitude.  Positive unselfish intent is part of the recipe.

Unconditional giving and receiving, forgiving, letting go, feeling joy and gratitude is daily spiritual nourishment for ourselves and others.  Thanks-Giving is every day!

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Grow Green, photo by Emilie