Wednesday, December 7, 2011


                 "Imagination is more important than knowledge," Albert Einstein

It's About Time!
I picked up the phone, "Mom!  We want to do so many projects.  How can we?  Do you ever think about this?"

"All the time."

"Mom, I was thinking that accomplishing a project has to do with several factors:

Later as my mind wandered and wondered,  felt "T-I-M-E" appear:





Rewinding bits of conversations and writings, I mused about T-I-M-E.

Time/Travel:  Do I have "physical" time to travel towards my goals and projects?  I need to plan ahead for my travel wish list to see people, cities, countries, mountains and oceans.  Can I add another project, adventure, event, meeting, and social networking to my smorgasbord schedule?  Can I remain centered, calm, and focused with more on my plate?  Daily Tai Chi practice helps me here, clearing my mind for yes or no to additional commitments.

Imagination/Intuition:  Rob thinks "Imagination is another dimension."  Will my new projects open my mind to a more creative, imaginative life?  *Imagine Healing is already here!  If I were free of concerns, debt, and other issues, what would I do right now?  Where would I live?  Who would accompany me?

What intuitively feels right for me?  Is there static on the line about joining the new group or meeting?  If there is, or if I need to let go of a current situation, so be it!  Then, I can move forward.  Where do I need to be right now?  At this moment, what project should I be doing at home, school, or work?  Can I be flexible enough to "Grow and Glow with the Flow" if a new spontaneous opportunity arises? 

Money/Abundance:  Are my new projects cost effective?  Can I afford that great trip or a shopping spree?  Will I get long lasting emotional and physical return for my outlay of cash? 

Beyond physical money or the acquisition of souvenirs is the emotional peace and gratification of abundance.  Climbing to a mountaintop and gazing at the sunrise even in your imagination is free of charge and recharges the spirit.  Will my "abundance" projects enhance my creative experience, energies, and friendships?  Will I feel pride of accomplishment and enjoy the satisfaction of acquiring higher skills, outreach, or purpose?

Energy/Empathy:  Do I have the physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to achieve my new goals?  How can I reach people like "me" in the energetic/etheric sense through intuition?  Imagine, and "all" is already here!

**Paul Lam, M.D., talks about empathy:
..."when you understand others, you can better achieve your goal."

It's Now or Ever!

*  Joel P. Bowman, Ph.D, and Rev. Debra Basham

**  Dr. Paul Lam, a family practice physician in Sidney, Australia.  Reprinted with permission from article What is Real Tai Chi?  Dr. Lam's free online newsletter, March 2011  Gregg Braden, author and scientist, Deep Truth, The Divine Matrix.  You Tube: Walking Between Both Worlds and Technology of Emotion, (healing in a no medicine hospital in Beijing without drugs or physical surgery).  Brian Green, physicist The Elegant Universe (Welcome to the 11th Dimension), and Fabric of the Cosmos (Universe or Multiverse) books and more. Wake Up documentary by Jonas Elrod, an "ordinary guy" suddenly begins seeing angels, colors, light, darkness, and more.  Experience Jonas' Vision Quest.  purchase paintings and prints, request free E-book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

Angel On Time, photo by Emilie