Friday, March 4, 2011


Where is the pink coming from?
When I uploaded the wolf sketch, Preying, in Silent Runner post, I noticed she is tinged with pink!  Why?  The same color wash happened when A Different Light, Mont-Saint-Michel painting went up?  I chuckled and decided to let it happen!  Rosy Pink is the color of unconditional love.  Editing Angels are at work and play.

From Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision:
Sitting in a coffee shop, I scribble hurried notes on paper napkins as my friend, Joanna, goes into high gear:

"Faith is healing love in action....Total love is already there.  We need to tap into this universal love to energize ourselves, not deplete our spirits.  This connects to self love, self acceptance, and self esteem.  Pure love is all positive energy, like changing from alternating current to direct current.  There is no negative charge in spiritual love.  The negative is repelled.  The person and energy field is super charged with a positive healing force unique for that person and radiating outward to others.  That is why Mother Teresa could do what she did!"

"Is glowing rose a color of love?"  Lately I've seen this tint radiating from friends' faces.  It is different from blushing, it is a pinker tint.  It can be all over the face, and it lasts.  "Joanna, look in your car's mirror when you leave, and see rose reflecting from your face!"  Love:  healing action, spreads and glows between people. 

Joanna's notes end with "Each of us is here with unique gifts and talents to touch each others' lives in ways no one else can."

Later I picked up the phone, "Joanna, what do you call this friendship?"

"Dahlis, This friendship is out of this world!"

Where is the pink?  It is within.
Translucent sheets of vibrant rose light color my world as I meet cosmic friends giving new meaning to "seeing the world through rose colored glasses."

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron  Open your creative flower, discover your artist self.  Inquiries or request free PDF full text and illustrated E book, Silver Butterfly, Create A Vision  biography and paintings

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Rose of Sharon and In the Pink, photographs by Emilie