Sunday, March 20, 2011


Divine Timing
Searching for a shamrock photo for Silver Stars and Moonbeams post was an adventure.  The photo "I" had selected seemed not to upload on time? 

Leaving the computer, I searched through my hard copy prints for an alternative picture.  The adventure began!  Groups of photos came tumbling out of physical folders with welcoming love.  Treasure chests of jewels present themselves "right now!"

This is a spiritual journey through time:  family, friends, scenes, animals, paintings.  Many friends are also going through their stacks of pictures.  All memories are unique, our moving individual slide shows shift along our timelines into the timeless. 

My Dad shares his love of photographs.  From early on, I was taught to handle the crisp shiny black and white prints only on the edges.  I saw boxes of yellow negatives.  I was allowed to play with some of those that were duplicates.  My Brownie Starflash camera worked for many years.  I loved that it took black and white, color prints and slides!  My camera was another window into the beyond, holding hands with painting, writing, and music.

Excavating prints of my paintings is overwhelming me with joy and abundance.  I can see again, the original film prints for book illustrations and more, now made into digital for publishing or other Internet use.  Digital is an expansive dimension widening our enjoyment into unlimited numbers of shots to be enjoyed, edited, or deleted later in our homes or upload directly onto websites and social media!  Everyone of all ages is a photo wizard!

The journey continues for us as more photos appear, "Like the petals of a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order," Louise Watson, R.N.

*Golden like the morning
Silver like the sun lined clouds
Glistening like dew on spider webs
Love Is!

Chessie walks with green and gold:  colors of healing and love

Chessie Walks Her Timeline, photo by Paul, published with permission