Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Lesson of Letting Go

Musing to myself I ask silently, "Have I taken on too much?  Why?"
Then I connect to Patsy Dollar's blog and read:  *"I've been soul path searching today.  This is not easy.  I would like to make things easy!  Delegate or just relax about the deadlines I have set for myself.  Perhaps that is the lesson....?  Should I be less driven and more relaxed?"  "I think I'll just jump right in!"

These words touch me so.  Oh, we are all so there!  Patsy has the courage to express these feelings.  I feel like I'm an astronaut and I don't know how to work the controls.  Jumping into my blog "write" now feeds me so much energy and adventure.  We are all learning and living at the speed of light.

Cheetahs to the Rescue:  Leftover Paint
No paint left behind.  I scraped some yellow ochre, titanium white, and various burnt sienna and barn reds from my palette after painting something else and brushed them onto a blank canvas....background color.  Something will emerge.  What will it be?  Again with the leftover yellow ochre light, I brushed in the outline of two Cheetahs running, just breezing along, smiling and enjoying the day.

Details added and a bit of shading came next plus some long African grasses.  Spots appeared!  Spots challenge my eyes, **"Op art painted on ancient cats."  Done!  Cheetahs go up on my wall to enjoy!

Some time later, I experienced a guided imagery group meditation.  We were to meet a master who would teach us a spiritual lesson or direction.  I entered the door of golden light and trance-ported to a cave in the earth.  It was dark and golden at the same time.  There were no cave drawings on the walls.  I looked around, adjusting to the dim light.  I had long dark hair and was dressed in a white Tai Chi coat and black silk pants.  A huge male Cheetah emerged from the darkness.  He was much bigger than the usual Cheetah.  I shrank back a bit, not looking at him straight on as his hunting mode might take over.

As we both entered the light, we smiled in instant recognition.  He bounded toward me and leaped up putting his giant clawed paws on my shoulders. He was much taller than I!  I had met a Grand Master Cheetah!  We circled around each other in a playing way.

WOOSH!  We arrived instantly onto the African Plain of the Serengeti with Mt. Kilimanjaro looming large.... 

I touched paws and claws to Earth!  I had become a young female Cheetah about two years of age.  I was honing my hunting skills.  The golden grasses were brushed by a soft breeze.  My Cheetah Master crouched.  He had spotted a baby antelope.  I crouched too, watching the Master.  He took off like lightning bolts as Cheetahs do, zero to 60 in two seconds.  I stayed crouched in the grass.

My Master Cheetah caught the helpless baby easily.  Like an eager cub, I raced to the scene.  The Master had the antelope in his grasp.  It struggled and thrashed.  The Master's eyes met mine:  he dropped the unharmed baby.  I crouched again.  The baby struggled to his feet and tottered a few uncertain steps.  He walked a shaken walk.  He shook himself off.  His Mom called, and the freed captive began to trot, gained confidence and bounded with unbridled joy to meet his antelope Mom!

Cheetah Master, crouched, turned and looked at me.  He said in silent words with his eyes, "Let It Go!"

"Let what go?" I pondered...."Oh I get it!"  I need to "lighten up" and brush aside fears, energy blocks, and self preconceived deadlines.  "I" have imposed these upon myself into the frantic rush of global technology and high speed chases to "achieve, create, and compete" with myself and others.  I need to go with the flow and feel more intuition.  "Life, let it happen!" 

In a flash of light we were in a canoe on the Lake.  I was human again and was paddling my own canoe!  The Cheetah lounged and stretched in the warm sun.  The lake was powder blue and calm with hardly a ripple.  The sky was white-grey-blue and the approaching sand was golden and inviting.  We jumped out of the boat onto the wet sand at water's edge.  I practiced a bit of Tai Chi on dry sand while the Cheetah rolled in the warmth and pawed the air with his giant feet. 

The vision faded like a rainbow prism.  I was back in the meditation group.  I shared my experience.  The leader questioned, "The Cheetah you saw was a giant male, right?  Bigger than most Cheetahs?"

"How do you know?" I asked. 

"He's standing right behind you!"

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

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