Monday, February 28, 2011


                       * "The Archangel Loved Heights!"  Mont-Saint-Michel

The Artist meets the Archangel

Sean, an artist and Tai Chi instructor, speaks:

A couple of years ago in the sweltering summer heat, I trudged through the Los Angeles downtown area.  It was about 98 degrees that day.  I spotted a large black man slumped on the steps of a church.  He appeared to be about 6' 3" and very overweight.  He had a bushy beard, but his hair was trimmed.  The most unusual thing about him was that he had on a heavy sweatshirt in addition to work boots and jeans.  He wore sunglasses and had a bag of clothes beside him.  He appeared homeless, and he was sweating profusely.

"I approached him, 'Why are you wearing a sweatshirt in this heat?' "

"He retorted, 'It's easier to wear it than to carry it around.' "

"I asked him if he'd had anything to drink today."


"I got him some bottled water, and he thanked me.  I asked him if he had any food."


He said his name was Michael.   I gave him some simple food and continued to help him over the next several days in the intense heat wave.  There was a glow about him.  I felt flashes of understanding by looking into his eyes.  I felt my joints vibrate when I saw him.

"He always said, 'Thank you' and 'please.'  Our conversations were minimal.  One day he said to me, 'You never know when an angel will come into your life in human form.' "

The next day when I went by, Michael was gone.  The minister walked down the steps of the church just then, and I asked him about Michael.

" 'I don't know who you're talking about.  I've never seen anybody like that sitting on the steps, and I'm out here all the time.' "

However, many others saw Michael.  I saw some of them stop to talk with him.  Michael disappeared as suddenly as he came.

In my travels out west I felt Michael's presence several times, always leading me to my next destination.  In each case, he was a beggar.  Once he was a white man with the same type of build and beard.  I always gave him a donation, even though I needed money for my own food.  I've seen angels and angels masquerading as humans.  Each encounter with Michael and others lead me further along my spiritual path.

When I feel the presence of my guardian angel, Michelle, I don't hear her speak in words, but I can feel her vibrations within me, leading me.  I have not seen her yet.

Angel in the Park

Sean gathered courage: 
"Dahlis, a couple of years ago, before I left town for awhile we were practicing Tai Chi in the park.  I saw your Angel, Sharon!  She appeared as a beam of pink light!  She was surrounding you, connected to you and all through you.  The angel light was different from your aura.  She was also in motion, practicing Tai Chi, guiding you.  Sharon's heart center was gold, and your gold heart center merged with hers.  The angel's color was vibrant pink, the color of unconditional love.  The hue intensified as it went outward from you and became a red line of energy around her edges.  Seeing her in the park was awesome, but I felt rather unbalanced by the experience.  After several years, I can just now tell you about this."

We are all here to help others climb the mountain, our spiritual paths of unfolding journeys.  The Bible talks about entertaining strangers.  We may be encountering angels unaware (Hebrews 13:1-2).  Family, friends, pets, angels?  Is there really a difference? 

My friend Kay read this story.  "It makes you wonder, who was the angel?"

**  "And the light began to change after painting the grey and green vision from France..."

*Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams  thousands of free full text books inquiries or request free PDF full text illustrated book Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit 

"A Different Light," painting of Mont-Saint-Michel by Dahlis Roy