Monday, February 7, 2011



"Hi There...You awaken my creativity.  After I wrote U, I 'dashed off' this poem."

Silent Runner

Quietly I pad.
Silently I travel.
Walking and Running
Through woods and plain.

Whether alone or in pack,
Moving Far or Near,
We are silent companions of the Day and Night.

Blending with surroundings,
Nearly Invisible as well as Silent.
We move.
Wolves we are
Alone and in Pack.

by Wolfie One

Sirius, the wolf star, transits the meridian of the sky this week Feb 4-12, 2011.  This Week's Sky at a Glance

One Hundred Cranes, Praying with the Chorus of Creation by William J. Fitzgerald.  Praying with the mythic crane, wolf, cat, horse and more

Your Creative Brain by Shelly Carson, Ph.D., enhance your innate creative potential.

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Shadrach, photo by Wolfie One

Preying, drawing by Dahlis Roy