Wednesday, March 1, 2017


* What If?  We could celebrate all of our birthdays, all of the time?

What can a butterfly mean?  Transformation, rebirth, wonder, dawn of a new day, intuition, going within, and best yet, breakthrough and hope!  Can it be a birthday wish?  Intent?  Reflection?

* "What If we could celebrate all the birthdays we ever had?  And by that I mean including the birthdays that happened a few hundred thousand years ago...what if we realized that most of the people in our lives today are souls we have known and have learned from and with, over and over," Shirley MacLaine

Time:  bent, folded, curved?

Celebrating Simultaneous Time all the Time

Family and Pets, "past and present," birthdays included~

Birthdays Are Forever!

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* Shirley MacLaine, What If, Out on a Limb, The Camino, and other books.  Shirley is an award winning actress, dancer, and spiritual teacher.  Quotes from p 255, What If USA,
The Origami Revolution, folding forms in art, nature, and technology (2017)

Africa, documentary by Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. (2017)  My favorites scenes include rock carvings that resemble butterflies 140,000 years ago, plus tomb paintings, murals and mosaics from ancient times.

Finding Your Roots, trace ancestries with Henry Lewis Gates Jr. DNA and other evidence bring surprises.  L.L. Cool J. and Sean Combes (2016) and other well known people find more about who they are. find more about you.

Radical Face, Ben Cooper, Roots, Branches, Leaves.

Third Man Theme, music from The Third Man, Movie1949

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Cards by Linda

Flower Blooming