Friday, March 17, 2017


Sifting through random drafts and bits of writing, I discover a story of long ago::

All Alone in the Universe

March 17, 1998

Pausing to read, I relive:

Silver rain rinses down out of a leaden sky.  It looks like my painting of Mont-Saint-Michel in the rain-fog of the Normandy coast as it rests on the wall here in my office....The paint has a grey and green look of Saint Patrick's Day in mid March.  I'm walking in the mist of ghosts of the past.

* Come he come say, ride on the night
Sun become day, day shall provide....

She dance for the sun...
Seek for the way, takin' me home....

She callin',
Bring home my name....

Wind in the plains
Dance once for me....

I pause.  The song Sooliamon recently came to my attention in the previous post, March Forward.  What at the odds?

Reading On:
The music brings up images and feelings of ages past as well as present and future time.  I feel a restless sadness wash over me as I sit at the window and wash the rain (notice I typed "wash" the rain instead of "watch" the rain.)  It's probably just the greyness of an Illinois winter washing away...

But it's more than that.  I stand all alone in the universe in Tai Chi class.  It's cool down, standing meditation after form practice.  We stand like marble, all of us lined up and relaxed (most of us appear to be relaxed).  We breathe deeply and naturally and raise our arms in front of us as if to hold a beach ball.  I slip easily into the "empty mind" framework.  I hear a couple of kids bouncing balls in the gym.  The noise fades...and I feel comfortably alone and warm.  I can feel the "nothingness" inside and outside of me.  If I had to put a color to it, it would be painted golden ochre.  I know there are friends on either side of me, yet at the same time, no one is there.  I feel just like my burnt sienna washed canvas called Invisible Planet, the Jupiter like planet is there, but barely.  The brush skimmed the canvas and swirled out a planet without meaning to create it.  The painting stands stark still and I'm not sure where (if anywhere) it is going. 

I check back into Earth again.  "Cool Down" exercises continue to settle and calm energy (qi) circulated during Tai Chi Yang Long Form Practice (88 pattern).  The calming works!  Without the exercises I feel scattered recklessness of a runaway horse.  I come back in tune with the world around me in the gym: the lights, the basketballs bouncing, the shriek of kids playing....

I think about cranes and clouds....I think back to a pastel painting of Chinese Junks....The ships with painted sails of orange and fire rose up out of the charcoal water like Chinese dragons attacking the tiger.  I thought about painting again, in its own time.

Shaking ourselves out of our individual daydreams, we put on winter sweaters, coats, hats and head out, vanishing into the windows of our separate lives....

Tai Chi class is coming around again soon, where I stand all alone in the universe. 

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Irish Folk Songs, Readers' Digest Music, album many years ago

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