Monday, June 6, 2016


Linda's Mountain Vision, Sketch by Linda

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words~

Animal shapes appear dotted by sunlight and shaded by a tree branch shadow

Mountain rocks, a snow leopard face at top, a lion image lower left

White figures appears in the mist at bottom of photo, note blue grey color of rocks instead of brownish hues as in above photo due to effects of shifting light.

We have a waterfall here!  Animal and bird shapes can be seen near Bill's feet and to the  right of the waterfall.
* Photo of Bill Homann

Waterfall added, much thinner than originally pictured so as not to disturb animal images

Joey the Collie's face  makes an entrance in a vortex of pond mist.  Linda and I have the same dream A red shiny sash is added to her dress

Gathering Light: outspread arms display lace effects. The red tablecloth/picnic blanket is a symbol of freedom.

Mountain Top:  Peaceful Mountain symbols appear floating rather than painted onto the mountain.  Detail of Snow Leopard face on right and shrine spire on left.

Green Light!  Finished painting glows and looks 3-D placed over another completed canvas.  The scenes suggest fantasy painting or book illustrations.

Every Picture Tells A Story
** "Time Tunnel Approaching~"

There are many ways to read this post: simply stream through the photos and let your imagination run "wild."  If you want more, read or scan on down. 

Enjoy an Energetic Day~filled with the Wonders of Light, Energy, and Color

Linda's Original Vision Linda told me "This mountain is my quiet sacred space I can go to anytime to meditate or in a stressful situation to feel instant calming and peace." 

The sky is blue with puffy white clouds.  The solid mountain is tree covered, with rock slabs showing here and there.  There are spots of iron oxide color in the strataAt the base of the mountain are maple and oak trees.  They meld into pine forest as we go up the mountain.  The mountain itself was in the distance, smaller than it appears in the painting.  

Linda is sitting in the left foreground on the red checkered tablecloth and looking at the mountain.  She is dressed in jeans and a casual shirt. The pond beside Linda shows two deer nearby.  The doe is drinking water while the stag keeps watch.  Lop eared bunnies, with speckles of tan sprinkled on creamy white coats and energetic black squirrels frolic in the grass beside Linda.  The grass is not bright green, but a soft gentle spring hue.  Joey the Collie is "there sometimes in the vision with me and sometimes not." There are three bald Eagles flying near the mountain.

In the beginning:
"This painting will be easy,"  I chuckled as I first touched paint on canvas, beginning with the blue sky and puffy clouds, I felt Louise and Sharon near.  They are Angel Guides I have known for a long time.  I'll just let go of the outcome and without thinking at all, enjoy a fun autopaint event.  

Well!  Was I surprised when the snow leopard appeared as if by magic on the mountain top! I didn't paint her in, how did she happen? 

"She looks like a Sphinx," Rob added

Then more and more fanciful animals came to call.  Where did they come from?  I had not painted any of the animal shadows on purpose, just swirls of random paint.  Linda and I love animals, that's for sure!  They answered our call.

*** Another White Feather
Meanwhile, Linda and her husband were walking leaving a Tai Chi class one day when Linda noticed a small White Feather on the ground.  She bent to pick it up, but someone stepped on it first.  Linda had seen the white feather before, a symbol of our Friend, Louise Watson, R.N., now an Angel Guide.

Then a Lion Face carved itself into the mountain base on the left.  I discovered the image when I stepped back to view the painting at a distance.  Up close, the lion sculpture looks somewhat strange.  At a distance, the figure looks like our cat, Sancat.  San always wanted to be a Lion.  He loves watching little lion cubs on TV.  San and Linda have a special bond, as if they already know each other.

Sancat is our Lion in Residence.
Next, deer bunnies, and squirrels vanished from the scene.  The paint has a path of its own, a "pathless path" of letting go.  No room for any more animal additions.  Even the grass became filled with animals including another lion, a dog, and a fawn nuzzling a Japanese Bob Tail kitten.
How can this be?   


In the completed painting, Peanut the Chihuahua's face can be seen in the rocks near the base of the mountain to the right of the waterfall along with Joey the Collie's face again, ears back this time. Adults and young animals all appear:  Cheetahs, German Shepherds and other dogs, Wolves, Horses, Ponies, and Sheep, Deer too plus Cats and Kittens, a Squirrel and others are there.  Some humans are also in the pond.  

There are two Mayan faces on the mountain, one in profile, nose pointing at waterfall The other is full face with eyes looking to your right, visible in the mid right hand side of your view..  The spring grass, once a muted soft green somehow brightened to a vivid hue.  How?  I actually got the three flying eagles into the painting!  Imagine~

Visions Unlimited:
The finished mountain scene in Linda's painted vision turned out nothing like we originally pictured.

Invisible Window?
Look at Linda's original sketch at top, there may be a "window shape" there.  I feel I am looking into and through a two way window into the beyond.  Three of us co-created these visions Linda, Louise, and me, a flexible spontaneous series of events.   

**** "We all must lend a helping hand or a helping feather."  
+ Perhaps feathers, along with twigs, leaves, and hands shaped the first cave paintings?

The more we look, the more we see.  How About You?

Thanks to Louise's input, now Linda is dancing in her own vision~Absolute Magic!

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Linda and Bill's Images printed with permission:
Mountain Vision sketch by  Linda, photo at the top

* Waterfall with Bill Homann, 4th photo from top.  You can see animal images in the rocks and water.  In front of Bill's feet and toward the pond, I see suggestions of wild and domestic cats, Cheetah, Lion and more  On the right side of the waterfall as you look up, there is a giant short beaked bird image in the rock "drinking" from the waterfall, a giraffe, a dog and other shapes.  

Additional photos by Dahlis