Sunday, June 19, 2016


Joey the Collie

While painting Linda's Peaceful Mountain painting, we talked about Joey, Linda's blue merle Collie.  Linda loved Joey but there was sparse room for a big active dog who needed to run over larger spaces.  Joey was given to a farm.  Joey received and gave much love and joy with his family.  He loved the children.  Linda and Tom visited Joey at his new home~joyful.

"What does Joey look like?"

"He has a large white full collar.  He is mostly black except for his face.  It has grey and black speckles with tan over eyes and on cheeks."

I remembered, * "Shades of grey from smoke to pearl, mottled with black is called blue merle."

"Do you have photos of Joey?"

"They are in storage, somewhere."  I can relate to "photos somewhere...."  

I pondered Joey the Collie.  I love Joey the Collie.  I rewound memories of joyous portraits of many collies painted through the years.  My own Collies, Lad and Sky, paraded in front of my eyes.

"Is Joey with you when you meditate in your vision?"

"Sometimes he is there and sometimes not."  
 I felt that.

While painting Linda's mountain vision, I felt Joey near the pond.  One day I "found" him in the pond, a misty image in a vortex of light.  I saw his ears and eyes first!

Black and White and Shades of Grey~

The day I finished Linda's painting, I had just sqeezed out some titanium white and black from their tubes.  All the other colors on the palette had been used on Linda's mountain painting.

No Paint Left Behind!

Leftover Paint~can paint the best pictures.  What will I paint with just "black and white and shades of grey?"  Light Bulb:  I'll paint Joey the Collie!

Select:  The smallest canvas: 8" x 10"

Pick Up one medium sized chisel shaped brush:  one brush wonder paints thick and thin lines or blocks of paint.  Perfect~

First, I sketched in Joey's head with in my imagination with no paint on the brush, "placing" the image into the space.  I close a profile view "easy."  I need easy.  Paint flowed out as if by magic.  I felt gentle refreshing energyI love bringing an animal friend to life with paint.

Five minutes later, I turn to the palette, brush in hand:
"I'm Out of Paint!"

"I'm having an Out of Paint Experience!" 


 Free from touch up, re-working, or thinking Joey has arrived.


Later when Linda and Tom came to view the finished mountain, they also noticed Joey.

"That's Joey~" 

Joey gazes at Joey in the pond.

Note the images in Joey's painting, around the Collie's ears and down the side of the face we see a baby bird.  I also see faces of a terrier, a lamb and a raccoonAlmost visible in the lower right grey painted area is a shadow of an eagle flying toward Joey.  There may be more~"Calling All Animals."

**  "Let go of agenda or outcome and the universe takes care of the details," Deepak Chopra

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* Quote about blue merle color is from Laughlin of Fairloch by Betty W. Ford, a story about a blue merle Shetland Sheepdog, written in poetry.

** Deepak Chopra:  chopracentermeditation, Meditation helps calm and focus, sparks creativity and enjoyment of life.

Song of the Day:  Taylor Swift, debut album, 2006, cut is Tim McGraw, by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose.  Playing this song repeating while writing today is upbeat yet relaxing, I can sing and hum along.

David Gilmour:  Wider Horizons (2016) VHIC, aired June 18, 2016.  Music Documentary, creative process is explored by David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, "Painted movies with sound..."  

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Paintings by Dahlis
Joey the Collie~absolutely effortless 

Joey's Face in the Pond Mist, close up from Peaceful Mountain~Visions painting. 

Joey Gazes at Joey in the painted pond, combination of Joey the Collie and close up from Peaceful Mountain~Visions paintings.