Monday, June 27, 2016


Friends are hatching Monarch Butterflies in their home for release into the wild.

The Beginning

Hangin' Out

 Searching:  Out of the Box

Chrysalis:  Overnight Magic

On my way into my writing zone today, I got a nudge of inspiration and made a 180 degree turn to pick up a book.  I remembered some notes about butterflies.  From many years ago, I quickly find....

*** Incoming Spirit 

"I stop to download an E-mail from Kathleen.  I am surprised not not surprised to read:

'I was amazed and surprised at your book title, Silver Butterfly.  Morphing means form [or] change form.  In class I note the morpho family of butterflies and how the metamorphic change from cocoon to butterfly is so dramatic.  Just like suddenly emerging to a higher spiritual level!  Morphing comes from the Greek god Morpheus who is the god of sleep.  Sleep involves dreams which have forms hence the connection to the term morph.' "


* "Caterpillar sheds It's skin to find a butterfly within.

"First there is a mountain 
then there is no mountain 
then there is...." 
song lyrics by Donovan.  


** "And butterflies are free to fly...." music by Elton John lyrics by Bernie Taupin,

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* Donovan Leitch, song, There is a Mountain. Donovan is a painter, singer songwriter, poet, and mystic.  The Autobiography of Donovan, the Hurdy Gurdy Man, how does Donovan create? 

** Elton John (music) and Bernie Taupin (Lyrics), song, Someone Saved My Life Tonight 

North American Wildlife, an illustrated guide to 2,000 Plants and Animals, Reader's Digest, (1982) Milkweed Butterflies, Monarchs and Queens (p. 264), and Coppers, Blues, and Hairstreaks (p. 266).

*** Dahlis Roy Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor
Free Illustrated E Book, PDF format, Silver Butterfly Create A Vision, Awaken Your Creative Spirit via E-mail.  Out of the Blue continues the evolving journey of becoming.

Evolving series of first four photos, The Herbal Mamma, printed with permission

Dahlis' images
photo, Monarch on Marigolds 

oil painting, Blue Butterfly, the  dark blue butterfly, close up in early morning light catches a blend of muted lavenders; greens, and blues