Thursday, August 20, 2015


Pink Sunlight

On May 3 we had an earthquake several counties away to our East.  We felt physically the same in our house yet, in the aftermath, we felt vibrations shift.  Change Happens.  

About 12:30 PM on the sunny Saturday, the rumble of a large truck rattled down our street.  I parted the curtains to look out the window,  "No truck there!  It must have gone down the street behind us."

"I heard it too!"

Later that day, the 4.2 shift made the news.

Four nearby friends actually felt the shake.  Three felt dishes and windows rattle.  The other, walking outside, felt very dizzy, shaken.

A few days later, we were really "brain fogged" for no reason.  Why?  Some other friends I talked to of all ages felt the same.  "It's tectonic.  It's seismic."  "I am disoriented."  "When you feel the Earth shift, even subconsciously, it shakes your soul." "I was not the same."

*Then I opened Debra Basham's blog to (jaw drop) "see" an image on her post, Hello Fear.  I had already picked up a very similar vivid picture from a recent dream.

How Does This Happen?

In my dream there was a dark figure or area in the foreground, I "saw" stained glass patterns and printed borders up and down both sides of the image, framing the effect.  I saw the dark figure surrounded by an aura of golden light rays, like a protecting guiding Angel.  There was some blue and brown in the glass window.  My dream felt dark, haunting.  Who was the figure?  Was the dream a warning?  What Is This?

 Crayon Sketch of Dahlis' Dream

Drawing and coloring with crayons is hard!  I pushed with a lot of pressure to get the effects.  Brushes are easy!  "I need more colors." I mused as I recreated the dreamscape from memory.

Standing back from the colored crayon sketch, I noticed some of the panels of tracery leading in the window dream resembled butterfly wings!   Start with the head, "antennae" come out of each side of the head, (giggle), then follow the "butterfly wings" around the figure.  In the dream, the figure wasn't "me," but it drew out as "me" reaching upward to practice Qigong?  Drawings and paintings have lives of their own, a process of becoming a different energy..

Simultaneous Dreaming 
A shared dream of Silver Wolf and Cherubs Happens.

** "I had the same dream!"

"I have had this dream many times!"

Caroline copies pages of coloring books to use the outline images again and again.  "I like the idea to be able to color these a lot of times, the color reflects my mood at the time."

Coloring is Meditative, like Knitting, a calm predictable space in timeless time.  A few quick minutes of creative arts, or listening to a random set of songs of various styles and musicians can reset your mental computer for positive progress.

Simultaneous Visions
* "The image from Debra's May 3 Blog, Hello Fear, is very familiar.  I saw it somewhere on Facebook recently!"  My husband exclaimed.

A friend told me, "My Mother painted the exact same picture, (dark figure, colored border, gold aura,) and she had never painted before!" 

How?  Why?   

Muse, imagination, karma connecting like minds, collective consciousness rising?
Or meaningful synchronicity and more? 

Intuition to Fruition
Why Not~

A child likes "drawing the things music makes him see...."

Dahlis'  first sketch, more action, free lines, figure balances sword (not in original dream), is the figure looking up or down?  I like the flow of dynamic unedited action here!  May become a future painting experiment?  We'll  "See."

  (soft guitar)
***  "Time it was,
And  what a Time it was.
It was, 
A time of innocence, a time of confidences...."

*  Yellow Brick Road, Your Path to Heart and Health, post May 3, 2015 Hello Fear. What Can the Dark Image Mean?
Debra Basham, Author, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, spiritual teacher, Debra drew cards: 8 of Swords, children gather courage to enter a cave and Ace of Crystals, gnomes help send rainbow bridges into the sky

Three new E-books by Debra Basham include:
Imagine Healing, guided imagery to help you heal 

Where Moon Go? Upgrade your thoughts and beliefs, Look at natural events and life changes through a child's eyes

True Value, flash fiction ( a complete story in 10 minutes) prompted by the words Rusty Old Bicycle. 

*** Song of the Day, Simon and Garfunkel, Old Friends/Bookends from The Concert in Central Park (1981), Central Park, New York City, USA

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Art Work by Dahlis
The Shambles, York, England, U.K  oil painting looks 3-D in pink sunrise light

Stained Glass Dreamscape, crayon sketches open windows to possibilities. 

Sword Sketch, fun with live action spontaneous lines