Friday, August 28, 2015


First the Sun and then the Moon....all in harmony and balance....One of Them will be 'Round soon.

Pondering sun and moon the other day, it is sunny here, but night other places on the Earth.  We are heading into fall in the northern hemisphere, yet others are shifting into spring.  * "As you continue with your day...."  "Day" is relative!

Am I ready to write?

I grab at random: chunk of rose quartz.  "check"
Wearing labyrinth pendant   "check"
Note Pad and Pen (yeah, old fashioned)   "check" 
**  Tea and Flower Music, Wind Records Taiwan: reminds me of cranes flying,  "check" 

Rose Quartz

 Based on *** Debra Basham's blog post Hello Fear, we see Children of the 8 of Swords about to enter a cave or labyrinth, a soul journey into the unknown, perhaps an initiation.  What will they find?  Will they turn back?  Debra drew Inner Child Cards from, a free online resource.  

Switching gears to **** Dinosaur Train kids' programming PBS, We see Shiny Pteranadon reluctant to enter a cave.

Shiny, "I don't like caves,"  Caves are dark and damp." 

"There might be something shiny in the cave!" encourages Dad. 

In another segment, Caving with Vlad, the dinosaur children view rock formations and crystals with a small furry mammal from the Jurassic period.

"Oriental Mystics say that the true self resides in the cave of the heart.  We must go there to restore our wisdom."

 Gnomes, Gems, and Rainbows

From the Inner Child, Ace of Crystals Card, we read "In northern folklore and legend, a belief exists that during the winter...gnomes are weaving crystals underground from the light of the sun, moon, and stars.  When...springtime arrives, the gnomes offer [beam] these precious gems to the sky, and through the gentle rain...magnificent rainbows are created."

"The rainbow in the sky is a bridge uniting Heaven [Yin] and Earth [Yang] and represents the harmony of all people."

"The Chinese call the rainbow the T'ai Chi or Great Ultimate...."

Circles of Light

  + Bridge to Sky

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* Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, online and Cd meditations 21 Day Experiences, various topics, Chopra Center Meditation

*** Debra Basham's Blog post May 3 2015, Hello Fear, a springboard for infinite possibilities., various topics from author and spiritual teacher

Quotations from free online resource.
Debra Chose Inner Child Cards for May 3, 2015 post, Hello Fear
8 of Swords, Children enter a cave, will they?  Snake and spider totems, pattern on edges of card frame the scene.
Ace of Crystals gnomes send gems into the sky and create rainbows

**** Dinosaur  Train, animation, education, comedy, for kids of all ages Caving with Vlad, dinosaur friends explore a cave, and other cave adventure segments

Tai Chi and Qigong Practice  Dr. Yang Jwing-ming, 8 Pieces of Brocade, (Ba Duan Jin) DVD or free app, books, seminars, music 

**  Tea and Flower Music, for Tai Chi and Qigong Practice and relaxation, Wind Records, Taiwan at, 8 Pieces of Brocade Music, for standing, sitting, or lying down exercises, instructions in Chinese and English with pictures.

 Three movements from the 8 Pieces of Brocade include:
 +  Bridge to Sky lock finders, reach up, look up 
Connect Heaven and Earth (alternate up and down hands) 
Angel Wings (look right and left) feel calm  Sifu Wing Cheung 18 forms (3 sets 18 movements each) Tai Chi Qigong (Shi Ba Shi)  Master Cheung studied with the creators of the forms:  He, Weiqi (Yang Style Master )and Lin, Hou Sheng (Qigong Master)., Paul Lam, M.D.  Medical Professionals and Tai Chi experts create exercises for all levels, DVD, seminars

Images: Crystals and Symbols
Yin Yang Beach Rock, with permission of The Herbal Mama 

Photos by Dahlis 
Rose Quartz, purchased at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA  "a long time ago."

The Rainbow Crane, my friend, Louise Watson, R.N. "Let your life unfold like the petals of a rose opening, one at a time and each in perfect order."

Circles of Light, passing through the kitchen, "circles" formed from sunlight angled through Venetian blinds and onto the microwave across the room.  I snapped the shot, a feeling of mysterious sunrise/sunset. 

Dahlis Roy:  Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor