Friday, August 14, 2015


Now what?  I am " alone" in my art room, my sacred space.  I am ready to "write this minute."

Yesterday a scrap of paper fell out of my art closet.  On it was typed in bold black:


"Answer Just What Your Heart Prompts You." 

I recognized the slip of paper.  It came from a book draft of long ago.  I remember picking up the fortune cookie and opening it.  Smile.

What is my heart saying today?

Picture It
I get pictures, lots of brightly colored images.  I hunt them down. I love hunting pictures.


 Next, the same flower but in a different light
"Put a petal into the water,"  the flower suggests.  "That is the first step in learning how to swim."

Swimming is entering the creative zone, moments of letting go, moments of typing, drawing, coloring, painting, or singing for the pure joy of it.  Moments of reflection and clarity.  Moments of resetting our mental and physical computers/devices and returning them to balance and harmony.

Color Y(our) World

Recently I colored some sketches.  It was hard!   Was the paper too slick?  I love my crayons and sometimes make crayon sketches of paintings to come, just to test color combinations in advance.  I can feel energy in the colors and sunlight flickering over  painting and photos....

Everyday Miracles
I feel deep peace and relaxation.

*  I hear:  "Share Your Uniqueness with the World.  Live Your Karma from the Core of Your Being,"  Deepak Chopra

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Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor 

Photos by Dahlis
Wake Up!  Bright Pink

Petal in the Water

Color Y(our) World. 
Orange  Prayer Bowl, thanks to Debra Basham 
Pastel portrait, touched by sunlight, of Collie Champion Wickmere Silver Bullet, owned by Mrs. George H. ("Bobbee") Roos. Portrait displayed with permission.  Cheetah photos peek out, and blue and green strokes of angel painting appear.

Welcome to My World!