Thursday, July 9, 2015


Gold and Green

Last Tuesday, July 7 I took a Vacation Day!  Even better, taking the day off was unplanned!  First I enjoyed our regular Tai Chi and Qigong group and welcomed new students.  I decided to lead them through the * Eight Pieces of Brocade, (Ba Duan Jin) since they are also practice Yoga.  Eight Brocades, 1000 years old,  has many strength building and relaxing properties of Yoga practice, "Chinese Yoga."  

I returned home from Tai Chi group, refreshed, relaxed, energized and full of "plans" for the day ahead!  Morning had dawned grey, lush, damp, and humid, but a magic clearing cold front with breeze swept the sky clean.  Fresh bright blue appeared.  The air was so clear and pure it felt like Mountain Air on Long's Peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park!  All the windows and doors opened to admit breeze, light, and energy.  I ate lunch looking out at the fresh vibrant green and crisp gold sunlight dappling the yard and chuckled when the face of an imaginary large wire haired terrier dog appeared in the flickering images on the ground.  Even more exciting, I envisioned a tiger crouching by our oak tree trunk!  So captured by the moment, I didn't even grab the camera~

*** "Do you ever wonder what fills the empty spaces?" 
Louise Watson, R.N.

Lunch Over:  Well, what do ya know?  I abandoned my "plans" for the day and just winged it~I felt freedom and peace and breathed in nature at its very best....

** Today I open Debra Basham's blog to read:

* "Loving Others is an Act of My True Freedom."

Bring to mind a person or situation.
"May your happiness continue, may it increase...expand this happiness out into the world...."

Bring to mind animals...."May they be well fed and treated with kindness...." 

Looking Up

"May All Beings Be At Peace"

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* Eight Pieces of Brocade on Facebook, videos, music, Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming and others

Dr. Yang Jwing-ming, free app Eight Pieces of Brocade "Eight Simple Qigong Exercises" and more

** Debra Basham, CHTP, NLP, HTt, RMT, healer, spiritual teacher, author, Blog: Yellow Brick Road Your Path to Heart and Health, post True Freedom, July 5, 2015.  Quotes reprinted with permission. Imagine Healing,

*** "Empty Spaces" quote, Louise Watson, R.N. friend, Earth Angel, spiritual teacher

Dahlis Roy: Visionary Artist, Author, and Tai Chi Instructor

Green and Gold, photo by Emilie
Looking Upward, photo by Dahlis
Sunset on the Pier, Tue Freedom, photo by Debra Basham, reprinted with permission