Thursday, July 16, 2015



I was running "on time" the other evening, organizing efficiently and looking forward to some writing "time." 

Suddenly:  everything came into stark silence as the overhead light switched "off."

"Oh No...."

A sudden power failure happened.  Since rapid spontaneous events occurred, how will we adjust our unscheduled evening?

Dusk approaching:  find and place flashlights "now." Finish eating "now"  Put night items in easy reach "now. "Brush teeth "now."

According to authorities, the power might be back on around midnight.  A cold front had brown in.  It may be chilly tonight.  Get an extra light blanket.

We settled down for gentle conversations and reflecting back at our lives just like "old time" folks sitting on their porches before electric lights were "born."

Darkness crept over us like a comforting gentle blanket.  Sitting still is a challenge.  I felt creeping around in the dark left me feel a bit disoriented.  On my way to pull the drapes, I saw Jupiter and Venus in the fading light of the Western sky.  I stood and watched them set.  They vanished quickly into the arms of silhouetted trees.  I noticed with joy that a couple of street light were still lit.

Sitting down again, I began to see silver spots of street light glow spattered against our sandstone brick living room wall.  I leaped up with joy and began to study the spots of shimmering light.  I thought back to many years ago when moonlight light flickering on a wall formed itself into an imaginary Silver Butterfly shape.  

It was restful to sit in silence, free of motors, music, TV, or appliances running.

Bedtime came quickly.  I kept the window blinds open to get a bit of street light into the room.  Once in the night, the street lights flickered and went out leaving total darkness.

"That's when they disconnected the main line to reconnected our line before full power could be restored," my husband told me later.

Still, we had ten hours without our power connections.  Thanks to the chilly night, our food remained safe.

Sasha sees her shadow

Dawn spawned fresh sunlight and all our modern comforts restored~Gratitude

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